Why I Was MIA Yesterday

I had a back to back Doctors appointment yesterday.

2pm Claudia at St. Luke’s Medical Center Fort. Vinny 4pm at Makati Medical center.

Claudia’s appointment finished at around 3pm, got home at 3:30. Picked up Vinny in the office about 3:45, went straight to Makati Med. I got home a little before 6pm.

Whew. I thought I was done with Doctors appointments.

Claudia’s Doctor was so boring but Vinny’s was hilarious. I always love going to Dra. Cristina Antonio’s clinic. She is just the funniest and the cutest Doctor I know. She’s what you call a bedside Doctor. I love her.

She’s family to us just like the way Dr. Celdran is family to us.

Nothing serious with the 2. Claudia just had stomach problems after she came back from her trip and Vinny had asthma before he left for San Francisco and still had it when he got back.

I did my work in the morning and made sure everything was done by lunch time.

What I wore today.

IMG_7057IMG_7061I am very careful when I know I’m going out with my kids. They always have something to say with what I wear. Especially Claudia and most especially Vito.

Vito would always say: “tone it down mom.” And Vinny’s words are always: “please can you wear that when you’re with your friends. Please maawa ka sa akin.” And Claudia’s: “what are you wearing! Can you not.”

But I wanted to wear one of our just because tees tank top. I need to put it out there every chance I get. I thought I’d just pair it with jogger pants. At least it’s loose and I’m covered.

But I was still scared after I finished dressing up. I knew Claudia would say my boobs are popping out. But she didn’t say anything! hahahahaha.

So, I was safe.




Top: Just because tees   |   Jogger pants: Forever 21   |   Ballet Flats: Zara   |  Bag: Celine Trapeze    |  Watch: CK   |   Sunglasses: Celine   |  Wliiow Jewelry Necklaces   |   Willow Jewelry Gold Balls Earrings   |   Hermes Clic Clac   |   Willow Jewelry Bracelets   |  Willow Jewelry Rings




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