I Did My Own Highlights!

I have wanted to put highlights on my hair for a long time already. But I couldn’t cause I hate spending so much time in the salon. I only go to the salon once or twice a year for my hair cut.

My last highlights was more than 5 years ago. And I stayed in the salon for more than 5 hours. And I hated it.

For my hair color and roots I trained Rhea (our laundry girl) to do it. And I have always had my nails done thru home service.

Last week when I saw Marivic’s highlights I told myself I am going to put highlights on my hair on my own. I’m sure it must not be that hard to do. And if it is, I won’t have a choice but to sit it out in the salon. Again.

Marivic had a full head highlights before she went on her vacation and spent £120!

The other day I searched on YouTube for tutorials on how to do highlights. I found a few and it looks very easy to do. All you need are the right materials. I ran to Landmark but they didn’t have, so I went to Watson’s.

I only spent P600+ for all the materials including Keratin treatment.

I taught Rhea how to do it and….


IMG_7028IMG_7036IMG_7030IMG_7035It’s my first time so I have not perfected it yet. But for a first time it’s not bad at all.

I kinda like it.

IMG_7033It only took less than 30 minutes! All you need to do is just check every now and then on how light you want it to be. I checked mine less than 30 minutes after applying and I freaked out cos it was very light already.

Rhea and me hurriedly took it out and I shampooed my hair right away.

Can you just imagine all the hours that I will waste if I have it done in the salon! IMG_7024IMG_7037IMG_7034I know it’s not as nice as the salon does it. But it’s good enough for me. And I’ll do it again. But first I have to hoard on the materials!

The most difficult part for me was finding the right materials!

Here’s the rest of my outfit.



Top: Zara  |  Jeans: Zara  |  Flat Ankle Bootie: Topshop  |  Hermes Kelly Bag  |  Daytona Rolex Watch  |  Willow Jewelry Necklaces  |  Hermes Clic Clac  |  Hermes Gold Bangle  |  Willow Jewelry Rings   |   Chanel Pins   |  Willow Jewelry Pearl Earrings



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