Soap & Glory, Kiko, Bourjois & Topshop Flat Ankle Bootie

Every time my friend Marivic who lives in London would come home for vacation I usually have a list for her to buy for me in Boots (it’s the CVS in London).

My list for her this trip:

1. Soap & Glory products

2. Kiko, a make up brand available only in UK

3. Flat ankle bootie in Topshop that I saw onlineĀ  (not available in our Topshop here) and

4. Bourjois Healthy Mix Correcting Concealers.

1. Soap & Glory is one UK brand that everyone loves. But this is only available there or online. I am not sure if it is already available in the U.S.

They are well known for their Body Wash and their Body Butter. This smells soooo good. Everyone is raving about this.


I also told Marivic to get me Soap & Glory Super Tonic Fragrance. I heard so much about this.

IMG_3130And OMG. This is my new favorite cologne now! You know how I love my citrus scents. This one is citrus overload, hence, it’s called Orangeasm.

Soap & Glory also has a make up line. The only 2 things I told Marivic to pick up for me are their 2 ‘always sold out’ products.

One Heck of a Blot face powder is one of their best sellers. In fact Marivic had to go to a few Boots before she found this. I was so happy when she told me she was able to find one.

IMG_3132I told her also to get me their Limited Edition Ten-Shade Shadow Palette.

IMG_3133 IMG_3134

2. Kiko brand is well known for their eye pencils. I wanted their waterproof long lasting stick eye shadow. I use this to tight line my upper lid.

IMG_3139Marivic bought me their lipstick so I can try it. Yay!

IMG_31383. Bourjois Healthy mix Correcting Concealer. She bought me this already last month and I really, really like it.

This is one of the best concealers I have ever tried. This is one product that I cannot live without now. I told her to get me 2 more tubes.

IMG_3136And last but not the least, the one I am so excited about.

4. Topshop black flat ankle bootie

IMG_3143 IMG_3145I used it right away yesterday!

DSC_0353 DSC_0370I will write a review once I have tried these products.

I’m almost too sure I will love it.

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