My Week end In Balesin Island. The Food and My Bathing Suits

I took a short vacation over the week end to Balesin Island.

My friend Marivic who is from London came home for a 2 week vacation. Since Vinny and Claudia were also going on a vacation I decided to take time out myself. So, I invited Marivic to come with me.

Marivic was Vinny’s ‘guardian’ when he was studying in London.

I told Claudia to take care of our booking. Among all of us she’s the one who goes there often. I’m sure she knows the island so well and knows where the best spot is. True enough she got us the best villa in the island, the Balesin Villa. The best beach front in the whole island according to Dadsie the guy who welcomed us there.

One of my bucket list is to have a beach house. That is where I can see myself retiring someday. And I want a beach front house.

The villa that Claudia booked us was exactly the way I want my future beach house to be.

When you open the door from our room this is what you see:

IMG_3102IMG_3100IMG_3108IMG_3113We had a jacuzzi right in our veranda! Just right outside our room.

IMG_3105We had a big beautiful room. I checked it our right away the minute we got in.

Our bathroom:

IMG_3090 IMG_3091We had 2 showers. One indoor:

IMG_3092And inside the indoor shower was another door that will lead to the outdoor shower:

IMG_3093IMG_3095Our bed was huge!

IMG_3109Behind our bed was the coffee station and the ref.

IMG_3099If you are a coffee drinker you would love it here. They have a very good coffee selection. It just so happen that both Marivic and me are not coffee drinkers. We had to call housekeeping to teach us how to use the coffee machine.

On our first morning Marivic tried to make us coffee. And failed.


When she put the capsule inside the machine, it didn’t drip. So, she put in another capsule then it started to drip. Little did I know that the coffee I was drinking was very potent. Since there were 2 capsules already inside.

And since I am not use to drinking strong coffee I became so hyper the whole day! I got scared I might not be able to sleep that night.

Our TV (on the right side).

IMG_3111Our room view was the beach! Our bed was right in front of the window over looking the shore.

IMG_3119When we got to the island our room wasn’t ready yet. So, they gave us a holding room in St. Tropez Villa to use for a few hours until our room will be ready.

Our holding room was equally just as beautiful with a very beautiful view also. The only difference is it was on the second floor.

DSC_0001 1794532_773536102718537_3013112274759263890_n DSC_0007But I love our villa better!

DSC_0027I was so happy that Claudia got us this villa.

We had the best view of the sunset.

DSC_0120 DSC_0126 DSC_0119That afternoon we arrived we sat in the sun right away after lunch.

We had lunch in Mykonos Villa which was so yummy. I’ve never tasted lamb chops that good!

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 610387398_773551569383657_4645088244928073155_nWe didn’t waste our time and we sat in the sun the whole afternoon!

1922014_773536186051862_719044047827171154_n 1958458_773536306051850_4128481700963552672_n DSC_0039 DSC_0040There were horses all over the island.

This particular horse was the first horse that came to our villa. Marivic and me took turns in riding him and we had so much fun!

1506508_773546312717516_7446646086071741032_n 10644904_773546502717497_6231333816166857239_nI brought with me 5 sets of bikinis. When I was in Hawaii early this year I bought 4 sets in Victoria Secret.

Triangl is a swimwear brand that is very hot this year. It is made in Australia and it’s only available online. I was about to order early this year but when I found out Claudia ordered already I decided not to order anymore. I thought I can just borrow from her.

She bought the mint green but this is the one I really wanted.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 7

When I asked her if I can borrow her Triangl bathing suit when I was packing she said, “sure Mom. But I doubt it if it will fit you. Maybe the bottom will but the top I doubt it.”

I told her, “it will fit me. Don’t worry about it.”

Of course it fit me.

DSC_0137 DSC_0144 DSC_0168DSC_0169DSC_0174This is my favorite Victoria Secret bikini.

I mix & match this one. The pink top has a pink bottom. And the blue bottom has a blue top. But it looked nice when I mix & match it!

DSC_0186 DSC_0187 DSC_0196 DSC_0198 DSC_0200 DSC_0247 DSC_0249 DSC_0252One of the things that I enjoyed doing there was chilling in their jacuzzi inside the infinity pool.

It was so relaxing. It definitely took out all my stress.

10367147_772369722835175_7805145826302848677_n10351879_773586872713460_688219915126361414_n10653355_773586716046809_8452379805306553507_nOn our last night we had dinner with Stef who was also in the island. He arrived the day after we got there.

10730927_773587349380079_747621527156545696_nWe ate in Costa del Sol, the Spanish restaurant there. They have the best Paella Negra I have ever tasted. Nothing can beat this.

10801827_773587379380076_4597220757144376823_nWe also had Bacalao and Albondigas.


Baby Clams with garlic, gambas & fried chorizo

1526967_773587416046739_2773074466817470920_nSo far the best Spanish food I have ever eaten!

One thing that Balesin Island is known for is their food. And I am a living witness to that. Their food is really good!

It was indeed fun and relaxing time for me.

One of my best vacations!

Now, back to the grind.


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