My October Favorites

These are the products that I have been loving for the whole month of October!

IMG_3032Some of these products I purchased a long time already but haven’t actually use it yet until now.

Let’s start with hair and skin products.


I am very particular with my shampoos. I have dry, coarse, wavy & frizzy hair. It takes a certain kind of shampoo that my hair will love.

I purchased this particular Shampoo and Conditioner early this year but it is only now that I started to use it and my hair actually love it!

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Shampoo & Hawaiian Conditioner in Coconut Milk

Aside from my hair loves it, I also love the scent. It’s not the perfume-y kind of scent. It’s more of a nutty scent. You can hardly smell coconut which is strange cause it is made of coconut milk.

I bought this in Longs Drug (CVS) Honolulu. But this is also available in Healthy Options which I’m so happy cause at least I can get it here locally.

L’Oreal EverStyle Texture Series Beach Spray

I was so happy when Beth sent this to me! Ever since I got this I have been using it non stop! hahahahaha.


Derma e Very Clear Acne Cleanser and Astringent

My skin has been breaking out so bad this month. And this product helped me contain my break outs. If you see me at night I have white cotton pads all over my face. hahahaha.

What I do after I clean my face at night with these and applying my night cream I put a little of this astringent on a small cotton pad and put it on my pimples overnight. I usually have 2 to 3 pimple at a time.

I bought this in Healthy Options.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser

I usually use this when I wash my face in the morning. When I have break outs it leaves a scar and this helps clear the scars.

You can get this in any The Body shop stores.

J.R Watkins Body Oil Mist in Coconut Milk & Honey

I usually use body oil mist or body oil during cold season.

I bought this in a local drug store/pharmacy in Paris last year.

Altho’ it is body oil or body oil mist it doesn’t leave your skin oily. It hydrates your skin very well.

This is also made of coconut milk but it doesn’t smell like coconut at all.

Andalou Naturals Mandarin & Vanilla Shower Gel

I super love the smell of this!

I would have wanted it to smell citrus-y since it is made of Mandarin but you hardly smell the Mandarin in it. This is more of a strong Vanilla/caramel scent.

I super love the sweet smell of this.

And of course I love this also cause it leaves my skin so smooth.

I bought this in Healthy Options.

Il Profvmo Chocolat Eau De Parfum

During summer months I use the cirtus-y scents. Citrus scents makes you feel fresh and it blends well with the summer heat.

But during colder months I use a different scent.

This is the one I’m loving now. I use this during day time.

I bought this in a perfume shop in Milan, Italy last year. This is one of the recommendations of the owner of the shop, Luigi, who became my friend!

This is more a musky scent. It blends well during cold season.

Make Up

These are the make up products I have been loving and using non stop this month!

Sephora Sun Disk Bronzing Powder

This product has been sitting in my make up drawer for a long time already. Exactly 2 years. Claudia and me went crazy in Sephora in one of our trips and this is one of the products that I bought on impulse.

I never got around in using this until mid this year! Most especially this month. I just suddenly learn to love this. I use this all over my face.

This is one of my favorite bonzers now!

The 2 eye shadow palettes that I have been loving this month are these two:

Laura Mercier Petite Baked Eye Colour Bonbons
Laura Mercier Nude Smoky Eye Palette

These are the 2 eye shadow palettes that I have been alternating this month.

I just recently purchased this in Laura Mercier counter in Rustan’s.

I love the shades of these two. Especially the Petite Baked Eye Colour. It’s more on a Burgundy color more than brown since it has pink under tone.

The Nude Smoky Eye Palette comes with a complete set of Laura Mercier brushes. Yay! I love it.

Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronze in 102 Tantric

I use this to contour my face.

I just recently purchased this also. I have been using this a lot this month.

I use this in the hollow of my cheeks, my temple, under my chin, in the sides of my nose and my forehead.

My niece bought this for me in Sephora L.A. This is one of the items I told her to pick up for me in Sephora last month.

The Balm Hot Mama

This is the blush I have been using a lot lately. It has shimmers and I like the coral shade of this.

I got this in Beauty Bar Rockwell Power Plant Mall

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Miami Strip/Healthy Glow Bronzer

This is another product that has been sitting in my drawer for a long time also.

I bought this in CVS, New York. There is CVS in every corner in Manhattan (and you know how I love CVS) and I made sure I went in. This is one of the products that I bought and haven’t use because I just didn’t have time to use it.

When I was looking for something in my drawer I saw this and I started to use it.

OMG. I fell in love with this right away.

I use this as a highlighter and this is very good. Just the right shimmer and it gives you just the right glow. Not ‘in your face’ kind of glow.

Revlon Sunset Glow

I alternate this with The Balm’s Hot Mama Blush.

This is very pigmented. You only need a little and I love the way it has little gold shimmers in it.

I bought this in Watson’s.

Benefit Big Easy

Like I mentioned before I super love this.

It is suppose to be a BB cream but I use this as my main foundation and I just spot correct my blemishes.

I like the way that this is matte finish and it feels powdery on the skin.

I bought this in Benefit counter in Rustan’s.

NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush

This is my favorite highlighter brush now.

Ever since I purchased this I have been using it nonstop. This brush is very precise and it picks up just the right amount of product that you need on your face.

I got this in NARS counter in Rustan’s.

So, there you are. My favorite this month!

Let’s see what will be my favorite this November!

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