Exciting Times

We have lot of things going on today!

First, our new designs in just because tees are up in our site already.

Come and drop by. http://www.tinatagle.com/#!New-Designs-For-this-week/cza1/C34B7DCE-86CC-4D6F-9016-3FB92B377EF9

I love all the designs.

I wore one today!

ADR_0010 ADR_0027 ADR_0029

Second, our Raw Quartz Rings are here.  Yellow Citrine, Lilac Amethyst & Fire Agate. I super love them.

The Yellow Citrine is an order of a client. So pretty! Love it!

IMG_2978 IMG_2980

Lilac Amethyst

IMG_2981 IMG_2982

Fire Agate

IMG_2985 IMG_2987

You know the drill.

just because tees : justbecausetees@gmail.com

Willow Jewelry: willowjewelrybrand@gmail.com

Place your orders now to avoid the rush!



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