A Big Thank You!

Like I said in my previous posts I have been so sick this week. My menopausal symptoms attacked. And like I said this has yet to be the worst attacked I’ve experienced in the history of ever! I mean my whole body and even my brain! To say the very least.

Usually I would have attacks like physical only. All the physical pains. Head ache, acid reflux, incontinence, gas-y stomach, body aches, etc. And some attacks I would have just mental only. Meaning I’d feel so down, sad, melancholy, not in the mood to do anything, irritable, mood swings, anxious, etc.

But this week everything synchronized! It was very debilitating. I could hardly do anything.

But the thing is, it will eventually pass. Give it a few days and it will pass and I will feel normal again… until the next attack.

I am basically okay today. Not 100%  A- okay, but compared to the last few days today is soooo much better.

I would like to thank all those who messaged me and encouraged me. Those get well wishes are very much appreciated.

When I opened my email and my Facebook early this morning, I had messages and emails wishing me well. Thank you so much.

Elena, I know you’re out of town but you still took time to send me a very sweet message. Thank you so much.

And to those who left comments here in my blog. Thank you!

A good friend sent me food yesterday together with a hand written note. I love receiving hand written notes! It’s so old school. Hardly anyone does that anymore but there are a few that still do.

Pam was so sweet to dropped these in my house yesterday! I love her stationary and her sweet note.

IMG_2668This was a belated birthday treat but it came just in time when I’m feeling low.

She sent me my favorite Korean beef stew


and freshly made assorted kimchi!

IMG_2671Claudia ate the kimchi right away when it arrived. This is her favorite.

I ate the beef stew last night for dinner. I was enjoying my dinner in my room when Vinny came in to say good bye. He was on his way to have dinner with Franny. But when he saw what I was eating he sat down beside me and said: “Oh, my god Mom, where did you get this?” He couldn’t resist it and started eating with me.

We all love Korean beef stew. Especially Vito. This is one dish that we all can agree on. I tried so many times to cook Korean beef stew when the kids were still small but somehow it is never quite the same. Especially the one in Korea Garden. It is so delish!

Korea Garden has the best Korean beef stew. I love it. Just the right spicyness, the right taste and the meat is so tender. I should know if it is good or not since I have been eating all kinds of Korean beef stew for a very long time already.

Korea Garden Restaurant

128 Jupiter St., Bel Air Village

Makati City

For reservation, call telephone nos.: 895-5443/896-4361

Thanks Pam for making my life a little better. These really came in the right time.


Our new designs in just because tees came in yesterday. I haven’t had the time to work on this because I was in bed most of the time this week. These are already up in my online store http://www.tinatagle.com. Please check it out. These are already available.


I love it all! I can’t wait to wear them. Hmmmm…. I just might wear one today!


  • Hi tina. Just saw ur post about menopausal symptoms. If ur really having difficulty adjusting to menopuase consult ur ob gyne to prescribe hormone replacement therapy to make d transition easier.

    • I see my O.B. Gyn regularly. Mine is already peri menopausal. So there will be days that it’s so intense. My menopausal symptoms has been going on since mid 2000 pa.


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