Of Knives & Lipsticks

A few weeks ago when I went to S&R one of the things I picked up was this set of knives. I am not a chef or anything close to that, so I don’t know anything about knives. For me as long as it’s sharp enough, I’m okay with it.

Pure Komachi 2

The reason why I picked up this particular set of knives is because it was so colorful. The colors caught my eyes and thought it would look good in our kitchen. And nice to use.

Last night I roasted chicken for dinner and when it was cooked and ready to be cut up I asked the maid for my new knives since I’ve never used it ever since I bought it.

When I cut the chicken I had the greatest surprise of my life. This freaking knife is freaking SHARP! I did not even put pressure but it cut the chicken clean.

After dinner I googled it to check what this Pure Komachi 2 Knives is all about. The name sounded Japanese, it should be Japanese made. And no wonder it is good.

True enough it is made in Japan. And hand made.

It had very, very good reviews and apparently it is suppose to be the best knife there is in the market. And most of the reviews said that each home should own a set.

Here’s a video to show you how cool these knives are. Please watch until the end and see how it cut a bagel.

So, now I have new favorite gadget in the kitchen. My Pure Komachi 2 Knives!

IMG_2620IMG_2640 Early this morning my niece Eng arrived from her flight from Vancouver. If you don’t know yet, she’s a PAL Stewardess and my ‘personal shopper.’

And that only means one thing. I have a Sephora bag!

IMG_2644I asked her to buy me the famous Sephora Cream Lip Stain that everyone is raving about.

Actually, this came out a few months ago yet but I wasn’t into it. I’ve had Sephora Brand Lipsticks in the past and I wasn’t really that impress with it. But, recently I saw one British Beauty Guru wearing the 01 Always Red shade and it looked really nice on her. I couldn’t stop staring at her lips. It was just so beautiful. Matte, creamy and very intense.

So, I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

IMG_2649Sephora Cream Lip Satin Collection

In this collection the bestseller is the 01 Always Red.

This shade is always out of stock but my niece found it in Sephora Vancouver. I also asked her to get me the 04 Endless Purple. I love this shade, too. And this is out of stock online.

IMG_2654Look at the colors. That’s how creamy & intense it is.

Since we are in this topic I also bought recently the new collection of Revlon’s Colorstay Moisture Stain. This was big when it first came out in the U.S. a few months ago. I couldn’t wait to get hold of these.

Luckily, it is now available here in Manila! I was surprised since these just came out so recently. I was thinking it will reach here maybe next year yet.  I’m so happy that we are not so behind anymore.

I got these shades:


L to R: 005 Parisian Passion | 055 Stockholm Chic | 030 Milan Moment | 050 London Posh

This week end all I’m going to do is chop some lemons and put some red lipstick on.

How cool is that?


  • Hahahahahaha …’chop lemons, onions, etc. with red lipstick on…iapil ang rayban! Are you feeling okay na?

  • I have feeling si Zara/ Mouldyfruit ang British beauty guru. The Sephora lip stains are her favorite.

    • Hi, Neuronshots!

      I saw it from Amelia Liana first and then when I saw Lilly Pebbles wearing it I was more convinced.

      I don’t follow Zara/Mouldyfruit but I’ll check her out now that you mention her!

  • I have a feeling Zara/ Mouldyfruit is the British beauty guru you saw. Those Sephora lipstains are her favorite.

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