My Crazy Morning – The Life of a Menopausal Woman

I woke up with a very, very bad headache (hormones) and marinating in my own sweat even with full blast aircon (hot flash to the max). There’s only one thing. Hormonal imbalance at its finest.

When Rochelle started to clean my room, I went down in the lanai to have my morning coffee. I needed to be in a place where it is quiet, peaceful and calm.

Enter the dragon.

He put on his music. #monkmusic #monasterymusic #meditationmusic #tingtingtingmusic  #anglakasngtama

And he lighted some incense.

He said: “ang ganda ng sounds ko no?”

And I replied calmly as I can (I didn’t want my morning totally ruined): “sumakit lalo ulo ko sa music mo tsaka yang amoy ng incense na yan.”

Then he goes: “that means marami kang negative vibes.”

Oh, god.

I stood up and decided to go to my room and lay down.

I laid down and closed my eyes (my head felt like it was going to break any minute). And all I could hear was the “ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting….” so sharp it was ringing inside my ear.

Hell broke loose.

Rochelleeeeeeeeeeeee, patayin mo ‘yang lecheng ting, ting, ting, ting, ting na yan. At pumapasok sa ka dulo dulohan ng bumbunan kooooooo!

God save me.


  • Ms. Tina, I was still teaching in a catholic school when I first experienced hormonal imbalance due to menopause. Back then, I can see horns in every student’s head, and greeted the sisters “Monsters!” instead of “G’Morning, Sisters!” I thought I had cancer of the brain then. And I thought the earth will soon explode due to the heat that seemed to make my body its home. Yeah, it’s a little hellish going through menopause. But now, at 61, life has become so beautiful again. Yes, after the storm, there is a calm that soothes the spirit. I hope you go through this woman thing unscathed. You are not alone. But you are the most stylish menopausal woman that I know of.

    • Hi, Rochie!

      Thanks. The only thing I am hanging on to now is the fact that it will come to pass.

      I have an older friend that went thru worst than mine, to the point that she got hospitalized. The only thing she told me is: let it pass. Eventually it will come to pass.

      And now, you telling me that indeed it will come to pass make me hopeful that one day I will be normal again.

      I kept on asking my friend: when will this end? when will this end? cos more often than not I feel it’s not going to end anymore.

      Indeed it’s more than hellish to have to go through this. I think mine is more intense than the normal becos I never experienced post natal blues and growing up I never had a hard time with my hormones changing during that time of the month. It was a breeze for me. That’s why maybe I am having a hard time now. That’s just my own assumption.

      I really hope that this will end sooner than later. Cos I want to feel normal again! And enjoy life!

      Thanks again for your encouraging words. It means so much to me 🙂

      • Glad to have helped you in the littlest way I could. Just hang in there…I assure you, life will be better in no time. And while you’re at it, recite this poem by St. Theresa over and over. It calms me down. Hope it does the same to you- “Let nothing upset you, Let nothing startle you. All things pass; God does not change. Patience wins all it seeks. Whoever has God lacks nothing: God alone is enough. “

      • …and when you have time, do watch Last Vegas (Douglas, De Niro, Klein and Freeman). I am sure you will feel alright after watching this movie….

  • May I know how you still maintain your slim figure? What I know is that hormonal imbalance due to peri-menopause or menopause itself can cause weight gain. You seem to be defying it beautifully.

  • ive been hormonal all week, so i feel you, Ms T…

    #womenstruggles #justgimmemychocolate #andnobodygetshurt

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