Monday Ramblings

Top: Topshop | Shorts: Pacsun
Bag: Hermes Birkin | Shoes: H&M Ballet Flats
Willow Jewelry Rings | Tiffany Gold Bracelet | Hermes Clic Clac | Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch
Chanel Long Necklace in Rose Gold
Chanel Sunglasses | Willow Jewelery Small Hoop Earrings (my favorite earrings! When I can’t decide what earrings to wear, I usually end up reaching for our small hoop earrings. We have this in silver, too)
To all those who are concerned that my shorts is way too short for comfort, don’t worry I did not go out today. I wore this inside the house only. So, you can now breathe easy.

IMG_6623IMG_6613IMG_6612 IMG_6616 IMG_6625 Finally, a Monday that’s not manic.

Maybe because it’s a holiday. I didn’t even know it’s holiday today and what holiday it is. I asked our driver and he doesn’t know what holiday also. I asked a couple of my friends and I asked Claudia but they didn’t know either.

I had to ask my Facebook friends and my friend Bamba said it’s a Muslim Holiday.

No wonder no one among the people I asked knew. Even myself. What I know is we didn’t study this holiday in school.

I was suppose to have my LAST appointment with my dentist today at 10:30am but Joshua (driver) went to pick up Vinny in the airport. I got lazy and cancelled my appointment. I’ll just go tomorrow.

I was a little bit nostalgic when I was dressing up this morning. Most of the items I’m wearing somehow made me feel nostalgic and also I have been hormone-ing (if there is such a word) the past days.

Let’s start with the shorts. I bought this in Pacsun in Ala Moana Mall in Honolulu. I’ve never worn this until now. Pacsun stores are only found in the U.S. I’ve never heard about this store before. It was Claudia who insisted that we go in.

Pacsun is just like Forever 21. Same price range and same style of outfits. It’s mostly for Claudia’s age and younger.

When I saw this hanging in my closet I reached for it right away and I started to miss Hawaii. I love Hawaii. It’s one of my favorite places on earth. I always say that there’s something about the islands of Hawaii that I can’t explain.

The last time I was there (which was last Holy week) I had so much fun. It made me love the islands more.

I bought the ballet flats I’m wearing today in H&M in Vienna, Austria. I bought this because my feet was swollen from all the walking we did. I was wearing mostly boots (ankle & knee high) during our entire trip, they were all comfortable. I just needed something where my feet can breathe.

So, I went inside H&M and got this pair. I changed my boots and removed my socks right away when I fitted this. Oh, god, it felt so good. It’s so comfortable plus I love the color. It’s so difficult to find the right chocolate brown shade.

The following day I went back and bought Claudia a pair, too. This was so cheap. Maybe less than 20 Euros.

I always get a kick every time I’m able to buy something that’s cheap but turns out to be good.

I kinda like my cat eye flick today. Not quite but pwede na.

They say that your eye brows are not sisters, they’re cousins. So, they’re never the same. I guess it goes the same with eyeliners. It is so difficult to get both your eyeliners to look the same. One is always fatter or thinner than the other one.

And because it is difficult, it has turned into a curse.



Anyway, I have been rambling here. I enjoy rambling.

Sometime last week I posted a picture in Instagram and Facebook of the Puttanesca Pasta that I made for dinner that night. It came out so good. I specifically loved the way it had 1 million olives in it.

I captioned the picture saying that I made it from scratch. This is the exact picture that I posted.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1

A lot of my friends commented both in Instagram and on Facebook saying that it looks yummy. And a few of my friends asked for the recipe.

I actually didn’t make it from scratch. hahahahaha. But sure, this was so easy to make. Because I just opened a bottle of this:

IMG_2483The only thing I did was I added red wine and sea salt with truffles on it. And I grated a lot of parmesan cheese.

It was really good. Waitrose is a U.K. brand and it is available in Rustan’s Grocery.

So, there. Secret is out. hahahaha.

I better go back to work. I have a few things lined up today.

So, time to roll up my sleeves and work!




  • I love how quirky and funny you are. I just have to say it. Reading your blog is cheering me up. So positive and funny. Even the way you lied about your puttanesca is adorbs.


  • Ala moana is kinda crazy right now, sears is gone and theyre replacing it with Bloomingdales. There’s Tod’s, redvalentino, and Versace now. You have lots of new stores to visit next time you come, lol. Hope to meet you when you come back to Honolulu.

    • I would love to meet you, too.

      When I was there last April I think there was Bloomingdales and no more Sears already. I’m not sure tho’.

      I love the way that Ala Moana Mall is right across the beach! Love it. Love that we go shopping in shorts, bikini tops and havaiannas. And after we just hopped to the beach and chill and spend the rest of the day lazing around the shore. That’s what I call life. hahahahahaha.

      And btw, I love Longs Drugstore!

      I hope to go back there soon.


  • I love your blog so much, tawang tawa ako sa mga funny topics mo,the times you posts quotes,i always think i kinda relate,,well,,to most of them,,,hahaha..and i love your ootd,always!! minsan naiisip ko,i wanna buy willow jewelry,kaya lang,naisip ko,malamang mahal and i can’t afford, so i live vicariously from your posts wishing i have some of the stuff you have!:) Keep it up Ms. T,, God Bless!!

    • Hi, Myla!

      You’ll be surprise our items are not expensive! I hope you do get to buy one of these days 🙂

      Thanks for your wonderful compliments.

      • I know I will one day order Ms. Tina!!heehee..and because my sister lives in London, I told her to try the puttanesca sauce, she said it’s not too bad considering it’s only £1.90 so less than P150 lang pala!!ang saya!! and thanks for answering, i love you na talaga!hahaha

  • Waitrose is a very high end supermarket here, very expensive I wonder if their stuff is as expensive there as in here. Love your OTD and the disclaimer for the shorts. take care

    • Hi Gezel!
      hmmmm… I don’t even know how much that bottle of puttanesca sauce is! It shouldn’t be that exuberantly expensive. But it’s really good. They didn’t scrimped on the olives!

  • You’re really so funny Ms. Tina, napatawa ko ng malakas sa puttanesca recipe. My day won’t be complete wihout visiting your blog 😊

  • Hi Ms. T.

    What’s your lipstick here? It’s looks really good and I wanna try this shade. Thanks.

  • Wow. I love your makeup in this OOTD, Ms. Tina. Very sexy and sophisticated. I couldn’t stop doing a double take on your photos. 😀 I can’t help but admire your beauty talaga. I was wondering if you have any photos of yourself when you were younger? Like dalaga days, perhaps? I wish I could be as beautiful as you are at your age po.

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