My Hair & Body Care

Some followers of mine asked me to blog about the latest shampoos I have been using lately.

You know that I am obsessed with shampoos. It goes way back when I was still in high school. You can say that one of my collections are shampoos. Starting the time when imported things are called PX goods. And you have to buy it in Clark or in Cash and Carry.

Coming from Cebu it was so difficult to get imported shampoos. I get my stash when our relatives from the U.S. would send us balikbayan boxes full of imported goods! hahahaha.

But of course things have changed through the years.

And I am still collecting shampoos. But this time it’s easier to get them.

My love affair with shampoos started with Herbal Essences. Too bad they don’t make that particular scent that I like anymore.

I remember it came in a rectangular tall clear bottle and the color of the shampoo is dark green. I love that shampoo so much! I love the scent. That was the only shampoo that I liked before. And I still remember it up to now.

That was the scent of my childhood.

Herbal Essences is still available but they don’t make that exact scent that I like.

My main shampoo now is TRESemmè.

IMG_2559 IMG_2561

My hair loves TRESemmè. But once in awhile I stray. Whenever I’m in the grocery I tend to pick up new products that I haven’t tried.

I am alternating my TRESemmès with the following shampoos. I like these shampoos also. But TRESemmè is still what my hair loves.

Pantene Expert
L’Oreal Ever Pure
Herbal Essences

I couldn’t find the conditioner so I used it with these hair masks as conditioner.

Delon Organic

I couldn’t find the conditioner of this also. So I used my hair masks.

Since we’re on this topic, I’ll share also the body washes, body scrubs and body lotions I am currently using.

Fiori di Bach Shower Gel  |   Label Coconut.

These are the 2 shower gels I am currently alternating. The Fiori di Bach is one of the shower gels that I bought in Milan, Italy. The Label Coconut I bought in PCX in Power Plant, Rockwell.

The Body Shop Mango Sugar Body Scrub

I do body scrub every Saturday. No fail. Doing body scrub is one of my ‘me time’ rituals every week end.

I use a lot of body lotions, body butters, body oil mists or whatever you call it. I tend to pick up every time I am in the grocery or when I’m in a beauty shop. Especially when I am abroad. I want to try their local brands.

But now that I have a lot I try my very best not to buy anymore until I finish one of these.

It’s so hard to keep your hands off from buying body lotions & body butters. I think this is one of the problems of women! We can never have enough of it.

I alternate the following weekly. I use one product for a whole week and the following week I use a different one. This way I get to use all of them.

Vaseline Spray & Go.

This just came out this year. I saw this first and bought it in CVS Hawaii. But this is already available in S&R.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Cocoa Butter |  Avalon Organics Lavender Renewal & Vitality Moisture Plus Lotion.
J.R. Watkins Hand & Body Lotion and Body oil Mist
Andalou Naturals Kukui Cocoa Butter
Aveeno Cocoa & Shea Butter
The Body Shop Shea Butter
The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter

They always say that our body is the temple of our soul. Taking good care of our body is like taking care of our soul.

I like to smell good & fresh all the time. For me it is very important to have a good personal hygiene. It will tell so much about you. When you’re clean & fresh, you feel good about yourself.

You boost your ego and you feel you can conquer anything.

One of my pet peeves are people with bad personal hygiene.

So, there you are. My hair & body care.


  • Where did you buy the scwarzkopf hair mask? I have the shampoo and conditioner and i love love the smell! It smells like cocoa or vanilla.

      • This one I bought in our rustan’s grocery here in Forbes. Actually it was my friend Roxanne who discovered this and told me. She said she bought it in Rustan’s Forbes. I’ll check if this is available in the Ayala branch then I’ll let you know.


  • Hi Ms. Tina! Where do you buy the L’oreal EverPure shampoo & conditioner? 🙂

  • Ms Tina — if the Herbal Essences you like is the pink version, they relaunched it this year as part of a “retro collection”. I lovelovelove that variant!

    Like you, im obsessed with shampoo, conditioner and body wash. My current body wash love is Dove Blue Fig & Orange Blossom. Smells so yummy!

    LOreal also came out w/ an Oleo Therapy line that I guess is trying to be a dupe of the Kerastase Oleo line. Using it and loving it right now! 🙂

    • The Herbal Essences I like is the one from the 70’s! It was colored dark green. I do hope they will relaunch that cause I really, really love that.

      I don’t think we have that Dove body wash that you like. But I’ll keep that in mind. If ever I come across that I’ll surely try it.

      L’Oreal’s Oleo therapy is not yet available here. But I heard good reviews of that!

      That’s one good thing about living abroad. You get the latest right away. You’re very updated. It takes a long time to get the latest products here in Manila.

      At least I am not alone! hahahahahaha. Sometimes I think I am weird. Of all things that I am obsess it has to be shampoos and body care products!

      Basta anything for vanity!

  • Naku! I live in Texas where the cowboys roam. Minsan, new stuff takes a while to get to us here.

    There are days when ill walk around the drugstore or Target just looking out for new things — I found the Oleo line that way.

    I hoard toiletries – I have this fear that I might run out, or something might be discontinued. LOL. Buti na lang, mahilig ako maligo, so di nag e expire ang mga hoard ko!

    Anything for vanity, indeed!!!! At saka anything for smelling mabango! 😉

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