30 Beauty Tips For Women

Some very helpful beauty tips.

I had to blog this cause I get messages from some followers asking advice for certain issues in their beauty regimen.

Here are some tips that is very helpful.

Some are old school, like putting ice before applying make up so your make up will last long. Make up primer can do that.

And was I right about #18. https://willowjewelry.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/lip-care-how-to-exfoliate-your-lips/

Read and learn so we will all be beautiful!

1. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin routinely twice a day, morning and evening with skin care products suitable for your skin type.

2. Make sure your skin is makeup free and clean before hitting the bed so that your skin can breathe while you are sleeping.

3. Refrigerate your face mask and face scrub for 15 minutes before use. Your skin would feel instantly fresh.

4. To remove tan, in a bit of cucumber juice, add a few drops of lemon and apply on the face with the help of cotton. Wash off after 20 minutes.

5. To get rid of dark circles, cut a raw potato in slices and apply it directly on the eyes and relax.

6. Take the juice out of grated potato and apply it on the skin, keep it on for 30 minutes to lighten and brighten skin tone.

7. While going out, use sun protection factor of at least 30.

8. Use a mild facewash instead of harsh soaps on your face to keep the ph balance of the skin.

9. Get a facial clean up done once in a month.

10. Mix oatmeal with warm water and apply it directly on the face. Rinse off after 20 minutes. This mask will tighten up the facial skin and also has a calming effect on the skin.

11. Mash a few strawberries and rub them on your teeth. Do this regularly for pearly white teeth.

12. Always use lukewarm water to wash your hair.

13. Apply body lotion right after the shower, this way, you would be able to lock in moisture into the skin.

14. Exfoliate your skin once a week. This way, you would be able to clear off dead skin cells.

15. Include lots of leafy and green vegetables and fruits in your diet, to help in the detoxification process.

16. For soft and pink lips, apply clarified butter or ghee on your lips before hitting the bed.

17. Use a mixture of saffron, yogurt, and besan to brighten and lighten your skin.

18. For soft lips, apply a bit of Vaseline on your lips and then use a toothbrush to massage the lips to exfoliate.

19. The best time to shave your legs is right after you had the shower, to avoid nicks and cuts.

20. Use a white eye pencil on your waterline to make your eyes appear wider and bigger.

21. If you have dry skin, use Pond’s cold cream to remove makeup.

22. Women with oily and sensitive skin should pick up alcohol-free toners and skin care products.

23. For Asian beauties, grooming eyebrows with brown eye pencil looks much natural than with a black one.

24. Massaging the face with ice cubes prior to makeup will help your makeup last longer.

25. Apply mascara on both the upper and lower lashes to get that “wide awake” look.

26. For smooth and soft skin, look for products that contain salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acids.

27. Include zinc, Biotin, and iron supplements in your daily diet to reduce hair fall.

28. pply egg white on the face, keep for 15 minutes, and wash off. This pack will tighten and shrink the facial pores.

29. To get rid of inflamed pimples, apply eye drops on the area and leave overnight. Eye drops will reduce the pimple size and clear the inflammation.

30. To get rid of tan on your elbows, rub sliced lemons before getting into the shower.

Via: http://www.healthdigezt.com/top-30-beauty-tips-for-women/

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