Some Greek yogurt, Komachi knives, Calvin Klein blankets and Sheep skin rug

Playsuit: Topshop
Bag: Chanel
Espadrilles: Forever 21. Celine came out with similar espadrilles, so when I saw this I grabbed it right away! Of course the Celine version is so much nicer and more sleek but this Forever 21 dupe is not bad at all. I still can’t wait to get my hands on the Celine one. But for the mean time this one will do.
Necklace: Willow Jewelry
Watch: Michael Kors | Cuff: Hermes Collier de Chien cuff  |  Bangles: Willow Jewelry Double Ended Pearl Bangle/Hermes Clic Clac | Rings: Willow Jewelry
Sunglasses: Super Sunglasses. This is my favorite among all my Super Sunglasses! I love the gold flash lens. | Earrings: Willow Jewelry


I find myself working early in the morning these past few days. Early like 6:30am early. While having coffee I put my music on and do my paperwork, answer emails, etc. still in my pj’s. I really quite like it.

I get things done early and I have the whole day to do whatever I like and run errands.

One of my errands today was go to S&R to buy Claudia’s Greek yogurt. She has been telling me to buy her Greek yogurt cause she ran out of it for the past few days already and I never had the time. So, finally today I told her I’ll pick up her Greek yogurt.

When Joshua (driver) and me got to S&R there was a little queue in the parking lot which was normal in S&R. It was not an unusual queue at all. When I was on my way to get a cart I saw a lot of people by the entrance door which was unusual. I asked the guard why there was a lot of people and the guard told me it’s the 2nd day sale. Oh no. I never ever go to sale days in S&R or any store for that matter. I hate the crowd, I hate the long line in the cashier, I hate the commotion. I just hate sale days.

This is my very first time to go on a sale day in S&R. I couldn’t back out cause I was already there and I promised Claudia I’ll pick up her Greek yogurt today and I also wanted to buy Vinny his favorite cheese rolls and ensaymada and I needed to pick up some cheese.

I have been craving for cheese sandwich lately and I have been eating cheese sandwich every night and I’m almost running out of cheese. So, whether I like it or not I have to go in. I told myself I will make it quick, pick up what I was there for and leave.

Normally I tell the guard in the entrance door that my driver is coming in after he parked the car so they will let him in. I always bring Joshua inside cause the cart in S&R is so heavy.

True enough when I entered this is what greeted me:

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 6

Actually it was not that bad. Kaya ko ‘to.

I went there to pick up these items:

Claudia’s Greek Yogurt
Vinny’s cheese roll and ensaymada
My cheeses

But I ended up buying all these:

Veggie chips for Vinny. He is always looking for chips at night while he is watching TV or watching a movie and he always eat my chips. He is on a diet now so this one should be good for him.
Brownie mix for me. I didn’t know this is a mix. So, now I have to let Claudia bake this for me.
I don’t know why I bought this but the colors caught my eye. I thought this will be good to use for cutting Claudia’s salad veggies. I will be the only one allowed to use this!
Suddenly, I needed some waste basket!
And I also needed this basket organizer.
And more organizer for my make up. I want to change that hideous colored make up organizer that I bought in Ace hardware before. I liked this one cause it is bigger, more sturdy and it’s in white!
And I bought this folding table. I want to change my substitute work table to a bigger one. So, I picked this up. This is a little bit bigger than the one I am using now. I don’t work on my original work table because it is facing the wall and when I am working I get bored cause I am staring at the wall. So, I got a small table that faces the TV and that’s where I have been working. But the table I am currently using is small. This one is the right size for me.
I picked up this storage bins.

While we were lining up in the cashier, the guy behind us had this Calvin Klein blanket inside his cart. I was staring at it for a long time and I touched it. OMG, it was so soft! And I really, really like it. But the cashier was already nearly finish with us. On our way out I told myself I needed to get that blanket cause I really like it otherwise I won’t be able to sleep tonight. Joshua told me: “mam ang haba ng pila, pipila nanaman ba tayo?” 

I told him: “yes, pipila ka nanaman.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5
Si Joshua. Bow. Ayaw ng pumila

So, I got the blankets. In all colors!


I saw this brand which I liked more than the Calvin Klein. I liked the texture of this and it is also as soft. it is also has the same color range of the Calvin Klein

IMG_2366IMG_2363And I saw this:

sheep skin rug
I don’t know where to put this rug yet. But I’ll find a place for this.

When we got out of S&R it was pouring like crazy. I kinda liked it.

When we got home I was soooo tired. Come to think of it, sure there was a lot of people in the sale day in S&R, but it wasn’t really that bad as I imagined it to be. The first time we lined up in the cashier it just took less than 15 minutes and the second time was even quicker. Maybe because we lined up in the cashier near the vegetable area and the lines in that area was not that long.

It only took us less than 10 minutes.

I went home tired but happy.

I am so excited to use my soft blankie! I gave it to Rhea (labandera) right away so she can wash it. Now.


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