Alexa Chung – The Fashion Icon of the GenY

Alexa Chung the darling of the fashion world.

I like Alexa Chung for so many reasons. Aside from her fashion style, I like her undone look. She always look fashionably undone. Her hair messy in a nice way, minimal make up. She just looks amazing!

She loves Jane Birkin. And yes, the same Jane Birkin who Hermes named one of their famous bags. She channels her look.

Her soul eyes. Her beautiful skin. Everything.

The title of her book aptly describes her. It by: Alexa Chung. The book that every youtuber has, the book that every wannabe fasionista has.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 7

I’ve always wondered how she does her minimal make up. And I found this tutorial from one of my favorite make up artist, the make up artist of celebrities, Liza Eldridge

I found this other video where she talks about her style while having her nails done with one of the writers of Harper Bazaar, Laura Brown.

Don’t you just love her raspy voice and her nonchalant attitude?

Alexa Chung, the IT girl.

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