OOTD & Who the hell is Louise?

Top: H&M | Bohemian Skirt: DKNY
Neck piece: Bauble Bar
Sandals: Forever 21  |  Bag: Celine Cabas Tote
Ring: Bauble Bar
Watch: Chanel | Bangles: Hermes Clic Clac/ Cartier Love Bangle/H&M Bangle
Sunglasses: Rayban Wayfarer | Earrings: Willow Jewelry

IMG_6293IMG_6295IMG_6297IMG_6299IMG_6301IMG_6311 I woke up so early this morning to continue building my website. I spent the whole day yesterday working on it. I don’t know if the stormy weather is a blessing in disguise. I am force to stay home and work.

I am so excited to launch just because tees already. Every time there’s a new item that is delivered I hyperventilate. I love my tees. It’s so pretty. And wild. And deep. And avant garde. Hmmmm… sounds just like me. hahahaha.

My site got delayed because of Weebly.com. At first I signed up for a free website and I ended up paying. I didn’t mind paying for my site but the customer service sucks! It’s so obvious that the agent that handled me didn’t read my emails well. It prolonged the whole process which resulted me canceling my domain.

It was a good thing that they gave me a refund.

To cut the long story short I moved to Wix.com and I love it. Actually, JSP suggested to me this site a long time ago but I never got around to check it out.

I am still working on it and hopefully this week end I’ll be done with it. Yay!

I decided to dress up today even if I am just staying home. I guess it helps if I fix myself, it makes me feel good. And I don’t get tamad.

I was working on my desk with my music on full volume and I was singing on top of my lungs. TB heard me and told me to shut up. Linakasan ko nga. hahahaha.

When Vinny came back from having lunch in his grandparents house, he asked me where I was going. I said nowhere.

Eh, bakit ka naka bihis?

Wala lang. Magpa picture ako.

jeezzz louise…

Who is Louise? Haven’t you ever wondered all these time?


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