Life Isn’t About The Perfectly Staged Pictures

It’s about the colours blurred in between.

The people that got away. And the ones that stayed.

The things you shouldn’t have said.

The stolen kisses.

And the photographs you forgot to take.

The ‘mistakes’ you made but would repeat in a heartbeat.

It’s about the ordinary moments that creep up on you and take your breath away in an extraordinary way.

It’s about that rare warm & exhilarating feeling when you realize ‘I’m alive’


Have a safe week end every one.


all my love,



  • Aside from your OOTDs, I always look forward to your quotes and photos (lifted from tumblr/IG/pinterest?). No one could have chosen better words and images than you. I can’t explain why but they resonate with me. Please continue posting images and quotes/words that mean something to you. Coz it means a lot to readers like me. Also, do you have a list of top ten books that you have read and liked? If yes, then post away please. Looking forward to that. Thanks for sharing your life with me. Reading your posts makes me smile.

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