If you are in my friend’s list in Facebook, you might see in your newsfeed every now and then links of SerbisU that I share often. And you might be wondering what it is that has caught my interest lately.

Some are too lazy to click on the link and just asked me outright what it is.

If I share something, for sure it is something I believe in. It can be anything. A product, a quote, a story, a song, a movie, a color of a nail polish, etc.

If I share it, then 100% sure that I like it and I believe in it.

One is this site SerbisU.

SerbisU is a market place where service providers can promote and grow their business and where consumers can find what they’re looking for and book it directly within the website.

Now that’s what you call convenience at it’s best.

It is a site that solely cater on services. Any kind of service that you need and want at any given time at any given day.

As a Mother and at the same time an entrepreneur I am always in need of something. A massage, a foot spa, I want my nails done in the comforts of my home. A plumber, someone who can help me when my laptop crashes.

A tutor for your child, a maid, a driver. Anything.

SerbisU will just be one click away. Don’t we all need something that can make our life easier?

If you need service you can go to their site and sign up. And if you are a service provider, you can also sign up.

Go there now. And spread the word.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 9

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