Birthday Giveaway Winners!

After lunch yesterday I decided to work on the preparations of the raffling of the my birthday giveaway. It rained so hard in the afternoon and my kids and me were  just chilling in my room.

Since I don’t have an assistant anymore (Manette decided not to go back to work after her surgery) I have to do everything. From printing of the names, cutting the names one by one to picking the winners. Rochelle  and Rhea helped me so it was okay.

It was quick. It took us at least an hour to finish everything.

IMG_2276 IMG_2277As you can see there were quite a lot who joined. It was 200+ ( a lot na sa akin yung 200+ kasi hindi ko ka level si Chuvaness. hahahahaha)

I picked the  winners in this order: the third prize I picked first, the second prize second and the first prize last.

Here’s a short video clip showing me picking the winners:

And so here are the winners:


First Prize:

Second Prize:

Third Prize:

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners! And thank you to everyone who joined. Until the next giveaway!

To the winners please email me at using the email address you used to join.

Thanks again!

All my love,



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