My Week in a Nutshell

It has been a hectic week for me. It feels so good being productive.

Some random stuff:

– Last tuesday I had lunch with my friend Beng who is from the states and is in town for vacation. I brought her to Last Chukker in Manila Polo Club. I’m such a boring host. Last Chukker is the only place I know to entertain my guests. Only because I feel comfortable there. It feels like home. It’s very near me and of course I love the food.

When we got there I saw my good friend Maricar Zaldarriaga together with her family having lunch. Maricar’s niece Franny (the daughter of her sister Gin Gin) is Vinny’s girlfriend. They are Spanish speaking family so lumabas ang nosotros vosamos ko. hahahahaha.”Mi mama di Vinny!” o, di ba?

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 9I captioned this picture on Facebook: “Estuve con mis amigas y familia en Last Chukker hoy! Que divertido.”  Ole’!

I love them. Vinny will be safe in their hands. Likewise. Franny will be safe in ours.

– While doing my photo shoot for my OOTD yesterday:

rochelle: maaaaam, sandali!
me: bakit?
rochelle: nahulog ho yung pilik mata mo!
me: damputin mo. hawakan mo muna. mamaya ko na ikabit ulit yan.

I ran out of DUO adhesive and I am using the Ardell one and it sucks. I can’t find DUO anywhere in Manila. So for now, if my falsies will fall, eh di damputin!

– I did my master list for my birthday giveaway and found out some names missing. It’s amazing some people really don’t read. I am only asking to follow my blog so you will be qualified. Meaning click the follow button here in my blog. And automatically when you click the follow button I get an email saying that so and so followed.

And I get messages like “ms. T I followed you in Twitter and my name is not in the list.” Ohh kay.

– this morning:

me: vin, I’m bring the kids to the vet.

Vinny: ha? you’re bringing me and Claudia to the vet?

me: hahahahahahahaha. I mean the dogs.

But they’re like my kids!

– I’m obsessed with just because tees. To say the very least.


Hopefully I will be able to launch it next week!

It’s my birthday week end! Yay!

No plans actually. I am not one to host a big party and feel uncomfortable the whole time! I am not the type.

We will just have lunch with my kids and the following days I will treat people that are dear to me in different days.

So. happy birthday , happy birthday, happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeee.

And by the way, good luck to all that joined my birthday giveaway! I want everyone to win but that’s just not possible.

But I feel the love people and THANK YOU!



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