The Balm – Mother of All Hauls

I have been looking for this brand since last year.

The Balm.

Not a lot of you might be familiar with this brand. But in the cosmetic/make up world it is one of the good brands in the market now.

I looked for this brand in Sephora all over Europe (when I was there late last year), none. I looked for it in Sephora Honolulu, none. I looked for it in CVS, none.

I think the only place you can find this is in ULTA or in some drugstores in the U.S. I am not quite sure but it should be available somewhere other than online.

The very thing that drew me to this brand is the packaging. I am a sucker for good packaging. I believe that 45% of what you’re paying for is the packaging.

I love nice & cute packaging. It means that the product has been thought out thoroughly and they spent time and money just for the packaging alone. Like they always say, every thing is in the details.

Even if the product is not good, but if it comes in a nice packaging I’d still buy it. I love nice things. I love looking at nice things. It makes me happy.

It being a good product is just a bonus for me. Am I weird? I think I am. hahahahaha. But what can I do, I am weird like that.

I have noticed recently that there’s a few high end brands that use cardboard (or whatever you call it) for their packaging. Like Lorac. Lorac’s packaging is similar to The Balm. It’s made of cardboard. Too Faced used tin cans.

Like I said I searched for this brand everywhere. I was ready to throw in the towel and order online. The only thing that is stopping me from ordering cosmetics online is first, the shipping. It takes so long to get here. Second, you pay incredible custom fees and third, (which happened to me a few times) is you take the risk of any breakage. There are just some brands that break easily. You’d be surprise Urban Decay breaks easily.

Before I forget I found this brand in the heart of Makati, The Beauty Bar in Power Plant Mall in Rockwell. I asked the sales girl when they started carrying this brand and she told me more than 2 years already. 2 years? wth? I have been going crazy looking for this. It just shows that I rarely go to the malls.

Anyway, I need to stop rambling and let’s get on with it.

So, without further ado may I present to you my latest haul… The Balm.

IMG_2134The loot.

Let’s start with the palettes.

IMG_2137The palettes.

CollageBalm Voyage Palette. It has 16 eye shadows and 3 shades of cream blushes. You can use the cream blushes as lip tints also. The eye shadows has 2 matte shades and the rest are shimmery. I love the colors I can stare at it the whole day.

CollageMeet Matt(e) Nude Palette. This is an all matte 9 shades of eye shadows. Just look at the shades! If you’re fond of brown smokey eye look this palette is for you. And the good looking guy on the cover is major.  hahahaha.

CollageHow ’bout Them Apples? Cheek & Lip Cream Palette. Need I say more? It has 6 shades of peachy pink color tone. I love it! I’d use this mostly as cheek blush. But the shades Crisp and Cider would be a beautiful lip color.

CollageRockstar Palette. Balm Jovi. It has 12 shades of eye shadows, Disco Disco Solid Gold Luminizer and Pop! Pop! Don’t You Want Me? blush.  It has 2 shades of lip/cheek. The Milly Lip/Cheek and Vanilly Lip/Cheek.

The eye shadows has 4 shades in matte and the rest are nice shimmery shades. OMG. I can’t wait to use this palette and go to the disco! hahahaha

And now meet the… Powder Blushes.

IMG_2163Powder Blushes. 

IMG_2165Bahama Mama, Hot Mama & Instain.

IMG_2170Bahama Mama Bronzer. This is also good for contouring. Nice for a sun kissed look. I can’t wait to use this!

IMG_2173Hot Mama. Sexy Shadow & Beautiful Blush all in one. Wow. A beautiful shade of blush. Peachy/coraly tone. Love it!

IMG_2175Instain. Long wearing staining powder blush. Whoah! This is in the shade Swiss Dot.

IMG_2179Mary-Lou Manizer. AKA “The Luminizer.” Highlighter, Shimmer & eye Shadow.

IMG_2182Betty-Lou Manizer. AKA “The Bronzing Bandit.” All in one Bronzer, Shimmer, and eye shadow.

And now The Primers.

IMG_2195The Primers

IMG_2199Time Balm. Face Primer. Put A Lid On It. Eyelid Primer. Every time I put on make up I never miss priming my face and my eyes. It really helps a lot. It makes your make up last longer and to avoid creases on your eyelids.

The loose powder shimmer eyeshadows. Overshadow The Sexpots

IMG_2201Overshadow. The sexpots.

IMG_2204Overshadow The Sexpot. In the shade  You Buy It, I’ll Fly. I have learned to love shimmery eye shadows as much as the matte ones. Before I only use matte eyeshadows but recently I have been loving shimmers on my eyes. Why not?

IMG_2206Overshadow The Sexpot. In the shade Work Is Over Rated. I can’t wait to use this! I love the shade.

These are mineral eyeshadows. You can use it wet or dry.

The Black Liquid Eyeliner.

IMG_2215Schwing Black Liquid Eyeliner.

IMG_2216I’m so excited to use this. I love putting eye liner and cat eyes and flicks or whatever you call it!

And of course, the haul won’t be complete with out Make up Brushes. I wanted to get the complete set but these are the only ones they have.

IMG_2208The Balm Make Up Brushes

IMG_2210Blend a Hand Make Up Brush.

This is perfect to use for setting powder after you put concealer/highlighter under your eyes.

IMG_2211Crease, Love & Happiness Brush. I love that it is a double ended brush! One end is good for blending your crease area. The other end is a smudger! It’s just what I need.

IMG_2213Eye Believer Brush. This is also a double ended brush! Love it. The other end is a pencil brush and the other end is a slanted brush. I love it.

I love that it is colorful and not the usual boring black make up brushes.

So, now that I have posted this I can’t wait to use it. I’ll use this tomorrow!

Watch out for it!


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