OOTD & Last Minute Errands With Vito

Top: Ralph Lauren | White Jeans: Pacsun, Bullhead Brand
Bag: Givenchy| Brogues: Ralph Lauren
Right Hand: Watch : Chanel | Hermes Bangle   |  Rings: Willow Jewelry | Left Hand: Hermes Collier de Chien Cuff | Ring: Willow Jewelry
IMG_5851 2
Necklace: Willow Jewelry Initial Necklace (large) | Pin: Chanel
Sunglasses: Rayban Wayfarer | Earrings: Willow Jewelry









Vito is finally going back to UBC (University of British Columbia) in Vancouver tomorrow cause his school will start 1st week of September.

And true to form Vito did everything last minute.

Crunch time.

First, I have to bring him to his Ophthalmologist, Dra. Carmela Ongsiako to have his eyes check. We had an early 9:00 am appointment and that means only one thing for me. I have to wake up earlier than usual.

Surprisingly I was able to have breakfast, get ready & did a photo shoot for my OOTD. All that within 1 & half hour.

When we went out it started to drizzle. I hate going out when it rains.

1. my hair gets frizzy

2. I hate it when my shoes get wet.

IMG_3642 IMG_3646It’s a good thing when we got to the clinic we didn’t have to wait long. He was called right away.

IMG_3668Dra. Ongsiako checked his eyes and gave him a new prescription since his grade went up.

After Makati Med we had to go to Almeda Optical Shop to give his new prescription and ordered new contact lens and had the lens of his eye glasses change also.

When we were done in Almeda we went to Rustan’s cause he needed to buy plain white t shirts for his pambahay in Vancouver. He saw Brooks Brothers (his favorite brand) the minute we entered Rustan’s and he checked it out. It took him a long time to choose so, I told him I’ll just go around and just look for me in the Chanel counter.

We found the white plain t shirts that he wanted. We went to the Clinique counter cause he wanted to get some skin care. While we were on our way to the counter of Clinique I was shocked to see Perricone MD! This is one of my favorite brands. Too bad they didn’t carry their make up line. All they have is their skin care. I haven’t tried their skin care line but I love their make up! The sales person said that they will carry their make up products in September.


IMG_3671 IMG_3672

Vito and me got home past 1pm already.  And we were both so hungry!

Watch out for my next post that I will put up tomorrow.


I went crazy in the Chanel counter, Fruit of the loom, Clinique, Superga etc.


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