The TUFF Challenge

My friend Bambi Baduel Raz asked me a favor sometime last week and in return she gave me their products. Her husband owns Personal Collection a company that makes cleaning agents. Like laundry soap, dish washing soap, fabric conditioner, etc.

She dropped it in my house last thursday.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 8I gave it to my household staff to try over the week end and it’s best that we get the reviews straight from the horses mouth, so to speak.

I interviewed Rochelle, my girl who cleans all our bathrooms, Rhea, our laundry girl and Juvie, our girl in the kitchen.

I told them to compare it to the products we regularly use. For toilet bowl cleaner we use Duck Power, for dish washing soap we use Axion and for fabric conditioner/softener we use Downy.

We have been using these products for so many years already.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9Let’s see what they have to say about TUFF.

Let’s start with Rochelle.

TUFF wins over Duck Power!

Let’s see what Juvie can say about Tuff vs Axion

TUFF wins against Axion!

And Rhea, what can you say about Tuff fabric conditioner and Sof Fabric softener compared to Downy?

TUFF wins against Downy!

Over all champion TUFF!

So, therefore, I conclude basing from the review of the experts TUFF is the best in the market. From now on we will be using these products.

Personal Collection

call these #’s for your orders:

telephone #: 5502657 | 0916 222 2998

I do not recommend products that I don’t personally like. And this is not sponsored.


  • Hi Ms. Tina. I have following your blog for quite some time. Love your posts :-D. Yes Tuff is very good. We have been using the Tuff toilet bowl cleaner. They have a liquid detergent before and smells so good with clothes, no need for fabric conditioner. But it is not available anymore.

    • Hi! I just spoke to my friend the liquid detergent is available again. Just to let you know! I will try the liqiud detergent as per your recommendation. Thank you!

  • Hmm impressive…. Buh kindly do an english version of this presentation, couldn’t hear a thing.

  • Hmm impressive… Kindly do an english version of this presentation for those who dont speak tagalog like me.

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