OOTD + Social Media War Between Manila & New York

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Top: Forever 21 | Linen Jogging Pants: Zara
Shoes: H&M | Bag: Celine Cabas Tote
Bangle: Tiffany Atlas Bangle
Sunglasses: Miumiu
Earrings: J. Crew | Watch: CK | Bangle: Willow Jewelry Double Ended Pearl Bangle | Rings: Willow Jewlery



I went to the dentist and yet again.

Because I don’t finish my root canal. If you all know root canal is a long process and I am never able to finish it. I stop going back in the middle of the process and wait for it to get infected and starts to hurt. So, when I go back we have to start all over again. I’m masochist like that.

So, anyway.

I was talking to my friend, JSP, this morning about his Chiropractor appointment. He’s been having back pains for a few months already and it has affected his golf game. Finally, he had it check by a Chiro.

When he called me he just came back from having his x-ray done. I asked him if he’s going back to the Chiro to bring his x-ray result. It was just a simple question and he turned it into a war between Manila & New York.

Oh no, I’m not going back today. My x-ray result will be sent directly to my Chiro’s computer. That’s the way it is done here in New York. I’m not going to bring the big x-ray film myself like it is done there in Manila.”

” Oh no, that’s the way it is done here in Manila, too. In Makati Med the x-ray department will send it thru the computer of my doctor and my doctor can view the result from her computer.”

In New York the x-ray will be posted first on Facebook before it will be sent to my Chiro.”

“In Manila Makati Med x-ray department will tweet the result first before sending it to my doctor.”

In New York the x-ray result will be posted in instagram and see how many likes it has before it will be forwarded to my Chiro.”

O, sige na. Mas mayaman lolo mo.

The effects of social media.


  • ” O, sige na. Mas mayaman lolo mo.” LOL!!
    Hi Ms. Tina! My husband had a bilateral knee surgery in 2006 & 2007 , respectively. His Ortho. Surgeon is from Stanford Hospital in CA. He is Dr. C. Mow ( also the Surgeon of Erap’s knees) This Surgeon sees my husband annually for follow-up and he always require an X-ray using the traditional method ( films) and not the Digital one. Having said that, I’m sure not all Surgeons uses the digital x-ray. Your root canal treatment – I know your Dentist uses digital x-ray di ba?
    Thank you Ms. Tina
    P.S. Hindi po mayaman ang Lolo ko. πŸ™‚

    • Not all doctors here use digital. Some still use the traditional film. My root canal was not digital also. My dentist still use the traditional film x-ray.

  • Funny conversation, parang pang eat bulaga – wala yan sa lolo ko segment….

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