Moss Tales: “Everyone deserves a fresh and living bloom”

While I was showering a little after lunch today, Rochelle our house help was knocking hysterically on my bathroom door. I couldn’t hear her well. I heard something like there was a delivery. So, I told her to just sign it for me. After 2 minutes she came back knocking hysterically again (akala mo may sunog) and said I have to receive it myself. I told her again to receive it for me! I was in the middle of my bath! Rochelle sounded excited. I was wondering what it was.

When I went out of the shower, this greeted me:

IMG_1830IMG_18262 of the most beautiful flower arrangements I have ever received and seen in my whole life. I was in awe. My mouth was open for a good 5 minutes before I could tell Rochelle, go, get my camera. I wanted to cry.

When I saw it suddenly my whole world took a 360 degree turn. I was having a rough morning and receiving these flowers made me feel alive, hopeful and beautiful. It made me feel how beautiful life is.

What flowers can do! Especially if it’s arranged well.

One of the arrangement was for Claudia

IMG_1829Miss Claudia,

Congratulations for finishing Ironman Cebu! More power!

Angelicum Oda


When Claudia saw it she said, OMG, Mom they’re beautiful!

The other one was for me. Wow, it was as tall as my table!

IMG_1815Dearest Tina,

To extend my love to a beautiful mother who deserves nothing less than a fresh and living bloom.

Angelicum Oda


Thank you Moss Tales. Thank you Angelicum & his business partner, John. You made my life as beautiful as these flowers. Thank you for making me feel good today.

Moss Tales. The best flower shop in Manila. As of date.

Moss Tales:

Telephone #: 63915 607 6080

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