Mise En Dior Earrings/Double Sided Earrings

A lot of my customers and friends like Jane Go of  http://www.sugargospice.com/  have inquired about the Dior Double Sided Earrings or the “Mise En Dior” as what it is called. Some wanted to see how it looks like worn and some wants to see it up close.

There’s a lot of styles and designs of Mise En Dior Earrings. This one included.

There’s a lot out there already that has come out with inspired Mise En Dior earrings. H&M, Zara, Topshop, and a lot of jewelers.

This is the Mise En Dior Earrings or the Double Sided Earrings. Up close.



And this is how it looks like worn:

img_4007 img_4913 We at Willow Jewelry can do an inspired Mise En Dior earrings.

Email us at: willowjewelrybrand@gmail.com for your inquires.


The Willow Jewelry Team



      • WOW!!! I have special mention!!! ❤ My smile is form ear to ear again Ms. T! I LOVE YOU!! Thank you. I will email you asap because I have several colored South Sea pearls I wanna use sana then maybe we can make 3 different closures which I can mix & match. I'm soooo excited already, Thank you Ms. T!! :-*

  • I saw Doris Bigornia wearing this kind of earrings on her tv show (Mutya ng Masa) earlier. Maganda pala ang taste ng lola mo. 🙂

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