Chiara Ferragni, Ikaw ba yan? LOL.

Some of my friends asked me why I didn’t post a picture of my new hair. I didn’t have time to take a photo cos I did some errands after the salon. By the time I got home I was already tired. And ugly. Of course I’d love to show you my new hair style.

I wanted the length longer but I needed to cut off the dead ends.

So, in between cooking lunch and doing some work I squeezed in a short photo shoot this morning. My hair is already a day old, frizz has settled in. But I love the beachy waves.

Parang  Chiara Ferragni na may pagka konting Alexa Chung lang ang peg ko. Isama na natin si Olivia Palermo. hahahahahaha.

This will get better in the next few days. I’m excited to have the beachy waves look. Teng of Emphasis Salon gave me nice layers in front and at the back.

IMG_5556 IMG_5557

So, there.

Chiara Ferragni front view, Alexa Chung from the neck down and over all look Olivia Palermo! The only thing missing is Johannes Huebl in my arms.



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