Sorry, I have been missing for a couple of days now.

I was very sick for the most part of the week last week. My hormones went crazy and I had the worst case of acid reflux and incontinence. My acid reflux is still there but at least with the medicines that I’m taking it took out the edge. My incontinence is still on and off and at least I woke up not over fatigue today.

This is one time in my life that I wish I was a man. How lucky men are! They don’t go through hormonal changes.

But life goes on and I was able to do my work even when I wasn’t feeling well.

I’m so glad that I got good feedback with my Pearl Choker, Pearl Bangle & Pearl ring. Everyone loves it! I can’t blame them. These are beautiful pieces and very classic. These are the type of jewelries that you can pass on to your daughters and your daughters daughter.


I personally love Pearls. That’s why I got so excited when we decided to come out with these styles. I can wear it everyday! You can dress it down or dress it up. You will never go wrong. It is spot on any day, any occasion, any outfit.

I will come out with a beauty product review tomorrow. These are the beauty products (drugstore & high end) that I have tried recently.

I went for a quick errand today wearing this:

Top: Topshop / Linen Shorts: Zara
Assorted Necklaces
Hermes CDC cuff / Michael Kors Bracelet / Cartier Juste Un Clou / Willow Jewelry Pearl bangle
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters / Earrings: Willow Jewelry
Bag: Hermes Mini Kelly / Sandals: Topshop







  • Hi Tina –

    A long time reader here. Try taking Aloecure for your reflux – it is guaranteed to make you feel better. I have been suffering acid reflux for years and Aloecure has been such a big help to my condition – cheaper and safer than meds. You can buy them at the Rustan’s flower shop located in Rustan’s Makati Grocery. Hope you feel better.

  • I feel really bad while looking at your toned legs. I’m only 30 but I have lots of cellulite na. Unfair! What’s your secret? 🙂

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