outfit of they day – She had a Mind Like A Box Of Fireworks And Hands That Played recklessly With Matches

Top: Zara / Pants: Zara
sunglasses: MiuMiu
Bag: Valentino Rock Stud Dome Satchel / Sandals: Trend (boutique in Singapore)
watch: Michael Kors / Bangle: Hermes Cliclic, Willow Jewelry Double pearl bangle / Rings: Willow Jewelry
Choker: Willow Jewelry Double Pear choker / Necklace: Willow Jewelry


” It scares me sometimes, the emptiness I see in my eyes”

Spent the day running errands. After lunch, I found time to spend time for myself. I spent the whole afternoon shopping until Vinny texted me cause he needed the driver. The office dismissed them early because of the storm escalating and the pending flood near his office.

I was able to get some of the things I wanted to get. And then some.

My eyes are not empty it just refuses to see some things that will change my perception of life, per se.

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