Scout Magazine

SCOUT, the newest magazine that hit the newstand since yesterday. It was launched Saturday night in SM Aura, Samsung hall.

It came with the Sunday’s Philippine Inquirer.

Ever since in the late 80’s the only magazine that I subscribe monthly is U.S. Vogue and Instyle. Once in awhile I’d pick up Oprah, Elle Magazine & Glamour. Locally, I don’t subscribe or buy any of our local magazines. It’s a total waste of money. Half of the contents of our local magazines are all advertisements. I hate that. After reading imported magazines for a long time, the minute you read our local magazine you can tell already. Lousy content & lousy paper. Sorry but this is my opinion. I am entitled to my opinion.

I tend to pick up mostly Japanese magazines & Nylon. Even tho’ I don’t understand anything written in Japanese Magazines I still love it. I enjoy browsing it. Sometimes I browse thru it more than once. I love magazines that are of good quality of paper, first and foremost. I love to look at nice things and definitely I don’t want to look at a lot of advertisements.

Scout Magazine. The best magazine we have locally so far. And it’s for free.

It’s made of good quality of paper, the best illustrations, good content, very young. The people involved in this publication are all in their 20’s. They are not just the normal in their 20’s kind of dudes, they are the intelligent, artistic, hip kind of 20’s. The “it” group.

Please try to get hold of a copy and you will know what I mean.

You might be wondering why I am reading this kind of magazine at my age. Why? Because having 3 adult children I have to keep up with them. I have to know the language they speak, I have to know what they are into, the new movies they like, the books they read, the places they hang out. I have to understand what they are talking about.

So, like I said the very first copy came out last sunday.


Meet the writers:


And yes, Vinny is one of the writers. His first article is about Deniece Cornejo, Vhong Navarro & Kris Aquino. You have to read it. You need to know what he thinks of this issue in a cerebral point of view.

This is his article entitled SLUTTY And SLUTTIER.


And the designer of their logo is Paulina Ortega. Ateneo graduate and now Singapore based working in a big Advertisement Company. She is a graphic designer and an illustrator. She is like a daughter to me. I gave birth to Vinny 2 days after her Mom gave birth to her, my very good friend Teresa Florida.


I wouldn’t be recommending this magazine if it is not worth it. Even if Vinny and Pau are part of the team. I am recommending this magazine because it is worth your time. Good content, beautiful lay out and everyone involved in this magazine are all amazing people.

And hey, it’s free!


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