I Went Crazy In True Value

While I was in Rockwell yesterday (when I went to Beyond The Box) I went to Power Plant Mall to go to True Value to pick up some hooks that I needed.

This is my first time to go to Tru Value in Rockwell. We have a small True Value in Forbes Park in San Antonio Arcade but I have been there once or twice only. Usually I just ask the driver to pick up somethings for me.

When I went inside True Value in Power Plant I super hyperventilated. One of my favorite things to do in life is shop things for the house. OMG, where was I the whole time???

I was in Ace Hardware. hahahahahaha.

Altho’ I must admit there are some nice stuff also in Ace Hardware.

When I get taranta I forget what to do first. There were a lot of things I wanted to get. I took a deep breath and focus. I need to get my hooks first.

And then I saw this.


Mason Jars. In all sizes. In 3 colors. Clear, blue & light green. A lot. From the floor to the ceiling. I called Claudia right away.

She always wants me to buy her these jars until Rustan’s & Ace hardware ran out.

I bought one box of the clear biggest size, 2 boxes of the clear smaller size & 2 boxes of the blue small size. The sales assistant told me “mam, pwede nyo ho ‘tong gamiting baso. And he talked me into buying accessories for the jars. Bili ho kayo ng accessories.” And he showed me how to do it. SOLD.

So, now I drink my ice tea & lemonade like this.


So cute! I’ve always love blue drinking glasses. Most of the time when I buy drinking glasses it’s always in blue. If there’s no blue then that’s the time I buy the clear one.

Aside from going crazy with the Mason Jars, I went more crazy in the candle aisle.

I love putting candles all over our house. I mean we all do, right? One night when Nana dropped by our house to visit, I think it was Vinny, who was sick at that time. When she entered the house she freaked out why I had lighted candles beside the pictures of the kids! She told me: “tanggalin mo yang kandila sa tabi ng picture ng mga bata! Kung gusto mo dun sa picture mo ilagay ang kandila! I literally died laughing I had to hold my stomach. The more she got mad at me. So, I just took the candles out.

I love the candles in Bath & Body Works. Not all scents tho’ but I like all their Christmas scents. Everytime I go to Bath & Body Works I never fail to pick up a few jars. I like the one with 3 wicks jar. I like also the candles in Dipytque and of course, Jo Malone candles. So, more or less I know a good candle scent when I smell one.

I found these scented candles in True Value and I went crazy! They smell even better than the Bath & Body Works. I swear!

It’s Our Own Candle Company

I picked up 2 jars of Lavender Chamomile, 2 jars of French Vanilla, 2 jars of Banana Nut Bread, & 1 jar of Lemon Pound Cake (this was the last jar). I swear by these candles.

Skittles in Lemon Berry, Strawberry & Orange

I only pick up one jar each but I am going back to get more! These smell just like real Skittles. Not the cheap kind of smell (you know what I mean!) but the real Skittles smell. Sooooooo yummy smell. When I was pregnant with Vito I always had Skittles in my bag cos it was the only thing I could manage to eat during my first trimester. And the smell brought me back to that time. Super, super love this!

New Leaf 2 Wick Candle

This one smells sooooo good, too! I am also going to get more scent of this brand.

Vanilla Sugar, Toasted Coconut & Hazelnut Toffee Candle

I am definitely going back to get more of this scent too! I love coconut scent & I love Vanilla scent!

There was another brand of candle there that was called Willow and they had a lot of scents available. I smelled all the scents of this brand cause I wanted to like it only because of the name WILLOW.

Nahilo ako sa kaka amoy kasi I smelled each twice. I wanted to get those but I didn’t like the smell. It was the cheap kind of smell. I didn’t get any scent of that brand.

But when I go back, I’ll try to smell it again. Who knows?


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