outfit of the day & Beyond The Box – The Computers & Gadgets Store

Top: Zara / High Waisted Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Givenchy Nightingale Micro
Sandals: Forever 21
Watch: Bvlgari Serpenti / Ring: Willow Jewelry
Cuff: Hermes Collier De Chien Cuff / Cartier: Love Bangle
Necklaces: Willow Jewelry
Sunglasses: Chanel / Earrings: Willow Jewelry


Vito gave me his Macbook Pro cause he bought a new laptop when he was in Singapore. I am already happy with my Macbook Air. I love my Macbook Air. It’s compact & very light. The size is just right for me. I can just throw it in my bag and go! I always bring my Macbook Air and my Ipad mini when I go out of town or when we go abroad. I had no intentions of getting a Macbook Pro ever. Only because it is so heavy!

I started to use Vito’s Macbook Pro yesterday. First, I cleaned it inside out. I am very particular with my laptop. It has to be clean at all times (especially the screen). As a matter of fact, I don’t let anyone touch my laptop. That’s the number rule in our house, no one touches my laptop. Vito’s Macbook Pro was not dirty. It’s hardly a year old and he left it here in Manila when he went to Singapore.

He told me reset it to factory settings. “And Mom don’t ever look at my secret files.” Aha, my pa secret file pa sya. Parang syang si James Bond (LOL). I didn’t know how to reset it so I googled it and it brought me to a Youtube video that taught me step by step on how to do it.

I don’t know what life is like without Google & Youtube! I feel so techy! hahahahaha

I am using the Macbook Pro now and I am really enjoying it! It is 15 inch screen and compared to my 11 inch Macbook Air, wow, it looks huge! I am used to the size of my Macbook Air.

I decided to buy a cover for my new laptop this afternoon. I asked Claudia which is best to buy it from, Istudio or Beyond The box (in Rockwell). She said Beyond The Box.

I went there and I bought a royal blue cover for my Macbook Pro.


and a matte purple cover for my Macbook Air.


Aside from that I bought an Iphone case designed by Donna Karan. It was way too cute to pass. And besides it was on sale.


They also had Iphone cases designed by Nicole Kidman, Katie Perry, Penelope Cruz, George Clooney, Cold Play, and a lot more artists. They designed this for the organization Whatever It Takes Campaign. And these Artists donated their designs.

Whatever It Takes Organization supports 21st Century Leaders Foundation in its work to support key global development causes including poverty alleviation, environmental conservation and the protection of children.

To cut the long story short, when I as checking out I asked the cashier if they can give me discount since I bought a lot. She told me we will have to ask our boss. She called her boss and I told her, tell your boss I am a blogger and if you will give me a discount I will blog about your store.

Buti na lang Claudia was not with me. She hates it everytime I use this being a blogger thing. She always tells me: “mom, can you not. It’s so embarrassing.”

The cashier went back to me and said they will give me 5% discount. Yay! It worked. Pwede na 5% kaysa wala.

But in fairness, whether they gave me a discount or not Beyond The Box is quite an awesome shop. The minute you enter it smells soooo good. I even have to ask the sales assistant what the scent they were using. They said it was an apple scent.

The sales assistants were all friendly and very attentive to you. If you have any questions on a certain product they explain it to you well and give you suggestions. I was planning to get a battery pack for my Iphone. Last minute I decided not to get the battery pack anymore cause I really don’t have much use of a battery pack. Most of the time I am just home and I really don’t go out long enough for me to ran out of juice on my phone. But it was such a cute battery pack, I might go back and get it na lang. They have really cool battery packs.

Beyond The Box –Ā Computers and Gadgets, Electronics/Gadgets/Accessories

One Rockwell Branch
Unit 103, One Rockwell
Rockwell Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati
Manila, Philippines

Phone numbers: (+63 2) 478-7765, (+63 2) 478-7767
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday – 10:00am to 12:00mn


  • Lol!!! Ako, i always try asking for discounts, and in case they wont give, at least i tried. I have been using macbook pro too for 5 years and i have problems already with settings and doesnt even know how to fix, much more reset to factory settings as suggested by vito. I have been using this pro for my review class for 5 yrs already. I have problems like when i edit pics it doesnt automatically save and when i check the pics it goes back to the original pic with editing unsaved. Madam T about the lappy cover, how much did it cost u? Tnx šŸ™‚ have a good day!

    • Hi, Gene!

      I use iPiccy to edit and Iphoto comes with editing tools! My laptop cover is P2,500+ the brand is Speck. Luckily, I have never had any problems with my Macbook Air. Except for one time it just suddenly crash after a few months! I sent it back to Apple store in the U.S and they fix it free of charge.

      • I’ll try to search ipiccy a lil later hopefully. Good that u have no probs wd ur macbook pro. My problem is we dont have any Mac Center here in Zamboanga and when i travel to other cities i only bring my dslr. šŸ˜¦ i had a problem too wd my i phone 5s recently i also sent it back to US coz my sisyer bought it there too. U have nice lappy cover and ok na ang price, hopefully madala ko laptop ko the next time i travel. Habe a good day madam t! Mwah!

  • Opppss…, I commented on the wrong page! Can I know where I can buy Givenchy Nightingale Micro Nylon? I Love it! Thanks!

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