My Sephora & Ulta Haul

Sephora & Ulta is my Disneyland. Leave me there the whole day and I’ll be in heaven.

I really don’t have easy access in ULTA cause most ULTA stores are in California. In New York the ULTA store is somewhere in Queens and not in Manhattan. But of course I can always order online. So, most of the time I do my ULTA shopping online. I just get frustrated sometimes cause it gets here a long time.

Not like Sephora you find it in every corner everywhere in the world. In Asia, Singapore is the only one who has Sephora. And it’s not complete which is very frustrating!

So, anyway the point of this story is I have a small haul from ULTA & Sephora.

I sent Vito a list to buy some items for me in Sephora Singapore (he was there for 2 mos. for his summer internship in Credit Suisse Bank). But there were some items that were out of stock and some it was not available there. So, when my niece who is a PAL stewardess had a flight to L.A last week I gave her a list to buy the items that Vito wasn’t able to get in Singapore and some items to get in ULTA (items that are only available in ULTA).


The minute I saw this orange bag that my driver handed me I started to hyperventilate. There’s nothing like seeing a bag from ULTA & Sephora for me! It gives me a high.


The only items I told my niece to buy for me in ULTA are the Real Techniques make up brushes. I have been wanting to get hold of these brushes for a long time already. It’s not easy for me to get hold of these brushes cause it’s not available in Sephora. It’s only available in ULTA and online.

I’m sure Real Techniques brushes are being carried by some other stores aside from ULTA. I just don’t know where. In the UK you can get it in Boots & Space & K.

Real Techniques brand is owned by Pixiwoo, the sister duo Sam & Nicky. They are British make up artists and they have a Youtube channel that I have been following ever since they started. They are one of the world’s best well known Make up Artists to date.

They eventually branched out and started making their own brand of make up tools, The Real Techniques. And recently they came out with eye make up palettes.

So, let’s cut to the chase.


Left to right: Blush Brush, Powder Brush & the Setting Brush

You have no idea how in love I am with these brushes. I need this in my life! I have been wanting to get hold of these for a very long time already and finally I have it! I am ecstatic to say the very least.

I also bought their set brushes that are handy to carry when you travel. And it comes with it’s own pouch. Which to me is very hygenic.

The Travel Essentials set brushes
The Core Collection set brushes
Miracle Complexion Sponge

These are the dupe of the Beauty Blender sponge. And I heard this one is really good. So, I got 3 pieces. This is way cheaper than the Beauty Blender. This one is just $6 each compared to Beauty Blender at $20 each.



These are the only items in my list that Vito was able to get in Sephora Singapore. Most of the items were out of stock and some they don’t carry.

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

I have the Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette also. This palette is more compact. I super love the packaging! It’s made of a tin can and it reminds me of my pencil box when I was in grade school!

Two Faced is fast becoming one of the best brands these days. Same as Lorac. These 2 brands are always out of stock. Especially the Lorac eye palette that until now I can’t get hold of. It’s always out of stock in ULTA and Sephora.


Look at the colors! I can stare at it the whole day. It’s really beautiful. Pigmented enough and buttery.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed in the shade Native


This palette has a bronzer, a blush and a highlighter. It’s very compact and great for travel. They have 4 shades of this Flushed palette. Naked, Native, Strip & Streak.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation in the shade Natural 04

This is my first time to use a Bobbi Brown foundation.

While Vito was in the airport already getting ready for his flight back home. He took a picture of himself standing in front of the Chanel counter in the Duty Free shop. Aba, pina pa inggit ako!

I told him to buy me the Coco Mademoiselle perfume which Claudia is using now cause I really like the scent.

There was a little blackmailing that went on for awhile…

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11

Sorry for the erasures. I had to erase his mobile number.

Of course he has to buy me the perfume! hahahaha.

When he handed me the perfume I asked him: “Why did you get me a small bottle?” And he goes: “Mom, I was already about to board and the counter that I went to they were out of stock. They had to call the other counters and this was the only one left!”

Sige na nga. You are excuse.


The only items I told my niece to get for me in Sephora are the Perricone MD No Bronzer Bronzer and the Perricone MD No Blush Blush. I have been wanting to get hold of these since last month and I waited for Vito to get for me in Singapore. But they didn’t have it there.

I was so happy when my niece texted me while she was in Sephora and told me she was able to get it!

I love the natural look. And these product just by the name alone will definitely give the look I want. I have read good reviews about this product and I can’t wait to try these!

Perricone MD No Bronzer Bronzer

It comes with a dropper and you are suppose to use just one drop of it.

Perricone MD No Blush Blush

A friend of mine, JSP asks me all the time:

“how many make up brushes do you really need?”

” Sephora again?”

“Don’t you have enough make up?”

“why do you need a lot of brushes?”


And I always answer him, “you will never understand. It’s a girl thing.”


  • I loooove Too Faced! Got the Neutral Eyes palette for my everyday make up! Check the Return of the Sexy palette – baka too much na since you have so many but oh man, the colors are so fabulous for special occasions, events and days you just need a little extra ooomph! I also love their finishing veil (keeps my combination skin absolutely matte for hours) and the eyeshadow primer rivals UD. I let go of buying a Naked palette because of my Too Faced stash, although I did get the 6-color Naked basics palette for travel. 🙂 Great haul!

      • A friend of mine bought pala the Lorac Pro Palette through Stuff in Style on FB. Tempted too, looks like a great mix. You should have told me when I went to the US – remember hinabol natin my ring for the trip? 🙂

      • oh, I didn’t know you were going to the states at that time! I want to get hold of the Lorac Palettes talaga. I’ll let my niece buy it for me.

        Thanks Jazel!

  • Ms Tina, there’s Sephora in Kuala Lumpur. Also, opening in Jakarta hehe random 🙂

    You should try the Marc Jacobs Lolita palette! Tons of UK Youtubers are raving about it 🙂

    • I was very close to buying the Marc Jacobs lolita! But decided not too cos 1st it was over price at $70+! And second everything in the palette is frosted. If only it had at least 2 colors that were matte, maybe I’d go for it. But honestly I really didn’t like the eye palette of MJ. And his make up line is way over price maybe becos the packaging is very luxurious. I think you will be paying for the packaging and not the product. It’s ridiculous!

      Oh, I didn’t know there’s Sephora in KL! Cool!

      • Sad to hear that! You saved me $70 then! Haha! I think with higher end makeup, you’re paying for the packaging mostly. Tom Ford, for one, is ridiculously overpriced for the quality of his makeup. One brand that hasn’t let me down is Burberry – everything I’ve tried from the brand is worth the money! 🙂

  • You can get Lorac pro palette from local vendors 🙂 there are some that are importing them and aren’t priced too high.

      • I’m not sure if they have a shop, but I just order online. Just checked and Stuff in Style seems to be in stock, but it’s P2,500 (oops thought it was cheaper) sorry!

  • Ms. Tina, There is real technique brushes at Watsons SG 🙂

  • @lannelboutique in instagram carries Real Techniques brushes. @fmbeautyboutique and @carefreeshopper carries lorac pro palette at around Php2400 also check out @mupstore in instagram they have some hourglass as well and other high end cosmetics 🙂 i like too faced palettes but when i compare them to some eyeshadows i own parang hindi sha mashado nag b-blend sa skin? 😦

    • I have an instagram account but I only go there to post my selfie! hahahahahahaha. Are these accounts from Manila? or abroad? I want Hourglass!!!! I’l check this accounts. Thanks!

      Did you try putting eye primer first before applying the eye shadow? If not apply eye primer first and let it dry before you put your eyeshadow. It might help!

      And also when you blend use very light strokes. that will will help too!

      thanks again for the tip!

    • Hi there! Please check out or Instagram: @makeupyourmindstore for high-end, branded cosmetics at more affordable prices. Thanks 🙂

      Our Lorac Pro palettes are priced at 2300 only.

  • Love your haul posts so much! Please keep doing them. Very helpful, informative, and entertaining 🙂

  • You’re so funny!!!…I love using the real tecniques miracle sponge.

  • Hi! I love your bag Givenchy Nightingale Micro, where do you usually purchase your bags? Thanks!

  • Hi Tina. I love Bobbi Brown, especially because I am morena and they have my perfect shade. Try their Skin Foundation. Looks like your skin, only better.

    This is my first time to comment but I am a regular follower. I think you’re hilarious and your fashion is the ideal normcore.

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