My Body Shop Haul

After our lunch yesterday the kids wanted to go to Power Plant mall in Rockwell. While waiting for them (I know it will take them forever in National Bookstore) I went to Body Shop to buy body scrub, the camomille oil make up remover and face bronzer that all UK beauty guru’s are raving about.

I haven’t been in Body Shop in awhile. I used to go there before the first few years it opened here in Manila. I loved their Body Butters. It’s just too bad they don’t carry anymore the coconut Body Butter which I really love. But I stopped going there when Lush opened. But even in Lush I stopped going there, too.

I follow a lot of Beauty Guru’s in Youtube from the UK and that made me go back to Body Shop.

When I got there the bronzer that I wanted was out of stock! The sales assistant MJ that assisted me said that he will look for it in their other branches.

I picked up 2 tubs of body scrubs… and them some.

Bronzer. Left to right: Brush On Bronze & Brush On Sunlight

This is not the bronzer I was looking for. But I decided to buy this. I swatched this and it looked nice. Not pigmented, not too shimmery and it is buildable. Just the way I like it.

Make up Brushes. Eyeshadow blending brush & Slanted brush

I haven’t tried Body Shop make up brushes (or any of their make ups) so I picked up a few. It is in the price range of MAC brushes.

Lightening Touch concealer in 03 & 00

These are under eyes concealers. I got 2 shades because I just wanted 2 shades. hahahaha.

Concealer Pencils in 02 & 05

I super love the packaging! I like the way that you can see the wood at the bottom. It looks so natural. This is good to conceal spots. I used this today and I love it!

Eye Make up Palette. Shimmer Cubes in the shade: Honeycomb, Dark Chocolate, Marshmallow & Choc Chip

I love the packaging of this one, too! It is great for traveling. You can just bring one or two cubes if you don’t need all the shades. I swatched this and it’s very pigmented. BTW, the cubes comes with a cover.

Blushes. All-In-One Cheek Color. Shade (l to r) Guava, Bubblegum & Truffle

Love the shade and it’s matte & very pigmented.

Eye Make up Singles. Colour Crush. Shade (l to r) Coconuts about you & Brownie & Clyde

Love the shade

Lipstick. Colour Crush in the shade 220

This is the only shade of their lipstick that I picked up. It’s a beautiful nude color.

Stick Concealer. Shade 01

I need more concealers. LOL.

Eau De Toilette. Scents (l to r) Satsuma, Vanilla, Shea, Honey Mania

I asked the sales assistant if there are big bottles of these cause I really love the scents. (My favorite is Satsuma. It’s a citrusy scent. You know how I love Citrus scents). He told me these are not body mists, it’s eau de toilette. So, no big bottles.

Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel

Good for puffy eyes daw. Let’s see.

Camomille Sumptuous Cleansing Butter & Camomille Silky Cleansing oil

All UK Beauty Guru’s that I follow love this. It is good for removing make up, especially mascara.

Body Scrubs in Olive & Mango

I do body scrub once a week (every saturday). I use the St. Ives brand for a long time already.

Bath Gloves

Finally, I found bath gloves in pairs! I buy mine in Rustan’s and they have for one hand only.

Skin Sponge

I use shower gels and I’m forever hunting for the best sponge.

Hand & Nail Cream. Scents (l to r): Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream, Wild Rose Hand Cream, Almond Hand & Nail Cream

These are the gifts that Body Shop gave me. That day they were giving 1 hand cream for every P1,800 purchased. So, now I don’t know what to do with these. I still have 3 tubes from L’Occitane that I bought in Vienna that I haven’t use yet.

Another beauty haul coming up again! My Sephora haul. My Sephora Singapore list and another Sephora list that my niece bought for me in L.A. She is arriving tomorrow so I’ll make sabay na lang the one Vito bought for me in SIngapore.


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