To Clear Things and Some Random Things

I worried some people the other day because of my Love Is In The Air post. I said something about love. I received quite a few messages in Facebook, Watsapp & text messages asking me if I’m okay.

Of course I’m okay! I’ve never felt so okay in my life as now.

I said what I said in that post because that’s what I truly feel. Only because I’m older now and I have gained some wisdom and experiences in life that made me say so.

Who know’s really what love is, what true love is. I’m just trying to be real here. Lucky you if you married your first love and to this day you’re in love with each other more than ever. Lucky, lucky you. Hold on to it because that doesn’t happen to everyone.

But what if your so called true love doesn’t love you back? Or married someone else. Alangan naman magpa kamatay ka, di ba? You move on and find another “true love”. Right? So, what really is true love. Or love per se.

Each one of us has definitely different meaning on that topic. Our meaning for each one of us will depend on our own experiences.

I’m not bitter about love. I’ve had my own fair share of moments. And I’m okay with that.

” I have lost and loved and won and cried myself to the person I am today.”   Charlotte Eriksson

Random things:
– Vito arrived yesterday.Yay!
And he was able to get some items in my Sephora list. Another yay! Sephora Singapore didn’t have my favorite bronzer the Perricone MD No Bronzer bronzer and they didn’t carry the Hourglass brand. That’s weird cause even Sephora Hawaii carry this brand. What a bummer.
– I didn’t have a driver today. Vito didn’t want to drive himself and used Joshua the entire day. So, I got stuck in the house. At least I was able to do some stuff that I have been putting off.
– I tried to do a vlog. Let’s see if I have the guts to upload it.
– I didn’t talk to anyone today. Except someone across the world

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