outfit of the day – LOVE is in the air

Top: BCBG slouchy Tshirt / Jeans: Uniqlo / Sandals: Hermes Leather Sandals / Bag: Givenchy Nightingale / Shades: Prada / Watch: Rolex Date Watch with leather strap / Accessories: Willow Jewelry

IMG_4920IMG_4921IMG_4928  IMG_4938IMG_4939IMG_4924IMG_4929IMG_4931IMG_4936

I didn’t notice that I wore 2 of our LOVE necklaces until I saw the pictures! (Buti na lang I didn’t wear the ring and the bangle) It’s so ironic that I should be wearing LOVE on my neck. At this stage in my life I really don’t believe in love anymore. The romantic kind of love is what I meant.

Romantic love is bullshit. It’s only good in the beginning but eventually it’s full of bull.

There’s no such thing as f****g TRUE LOVE. Hallmark made that up.


Please don’t forget to purchase our LOVE necklace, LOVE bangle & LOVE ring.

Have a grand week ahead.


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