Drugstore Beauty Haul

I love drugstore brands as much as I like high-end brands. Sometimes the drugstore brand is better that the high-end ones.

Everytime I’m abroad I look for any local brand that’s good in their local drugstores.

In Europe every country that I go to I usually look for drugstores. La Roche Posay and ROC are my favorite drugstore brands in Paris that I have tried and I’m still using.

Sephora is all over Europe, too, just like in the States. I can spend a whole day just in Sephora alone.

In the States my favorite drugstores are CVS & Duane Reade. Only because those are the ones I have been to. I can spend hours in CVS & Duane Reade.

In Hongkong I never miss going to Watson’s and Sasa. I like tinkering with Sasa’s Japanese products. They all have these beauty gadgets that is so out of this world. And, of course who doesn’t love Watson’s?

My favorite drugstore brands are: ELF, Revlon, NYX, Maybelline & L’Oreal. My favorite drugstores here in Manila that carry these brands are: Watson’s, Landmark & PCX (it’s only Watson’s that carries NYX). Altho’ the latest products of these brands takes time to be available in Manila. It comes out in Europe & the States already but it comes to Manila after a few months.

The other day I dropped by Watson’s in SM Makati to pick up DUO Adhesive, glue for my falsies cause I’m almost out of it. I was suppose to go to Landmark but it was so traffic that day. So, I told the driver to drop me in Watson’s instead. I wasn’t sure if they have the DUO Adhesive available. I bought my tube in Landmark. But I still went anyway rather than getting stuck in the horrendous traffic.

True enough they didn’t have DUO Adhesive. So, I just went around and look for new & latest products. I didn’t want to leave Watson’s with nothing.

I bought mostly highlighters, concealers and bronzers.

Here’s what I picked up in Watson’s.


NYX Pore Filler.

Altho’ my pores are not visible and I don’t need a pore filler I picked this up because you can use this as a face primer. I always try all kinds of primer.

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer. Shade is Light/Pale.

Like the illuminator I can’t have enough of concealer. I want to try everything! I have yet to use this, too.

NYX concealer.

This come in a lot of shades. They have it in pink, orange, blue, and this shade in yellow. Asians skin tone is in yellow hue. So, this one will fit our skin better for brightening. I will use this under my eyes.

NYX concealer.

I also picked up this shade. I will use this shade to conceal dark spots.


Revlon Photoready Cream Blush. Shade is Pinched.

I prefer using cream blushes because it blends better with liquid foundation and BB cream. I usually use liquid foundation & BB cream and I don’t use any powder. Especially when it’s summer cause I sweat a lot and I don’t like the cakey feeling of my make up when it melts.

Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator. Shade is Bronze Light.

I picked this dark shade because I am going to use this to contour. I used this yesterday and I like it! I have this in Pink Light Clair Rose shade also that I mix with my BB cream & foundation to make my face look luminous.

Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator. Shade is Peach Light.

I picked this up to use when I have a tan.

Revlon Photoready Bronzer.

Shade is Bronzed and Chic. I picked this up because it’s matte. I will use this to contour.

Revlon Photoready BB cream. Shade is Light Medium Pale Moyen.

I picked this up because I’ve never tried Revlon’s BB cream.

Revlon Age Defying Concealer.

I used this yesterday under my eyes for brightening. You only need a tiny amount to cover both eyes. I liked this!

Makeup Factory Automatic Eyeliner. Shades are Black Velvet & Chocolat Noir.

This is the first time I’ve tried this brand. Actually I went to their counter because I thought it was the counter of Makeup Forever. I was thinking “wow, they have Makeup Forever here already.” Only to find out it is not. But the salesgirl sales talked me into buying these eyeliners. I am always in a hunt for a good waterproof eyeliner.

Her selling points were: 1. it’s waterproof 2. it has a built in smudger 3. it is made in Germany.

I like that it has a built in smudger and of course it’s waterproof. So, I ended buying two. Black and dark brown. I used the black yesterday and I kinda like it. It glides when you apply it and it didn’t move the whole day.

I’m so excited to use all these. I hope I get to like all of them. I am sure I will cause it has good reviews.

Have a good week end everyone!

I am just planning to stay home. Put some Aztec Indian Healing Clay mask and clean my make up brushes! Plus supervise the maids in cleaning Vito’s room. Vito is arriving already this coming Tuesday and we’re all excited to see him!

Love you all!


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