My Everyday Makeup Routine

This is not a tutorial.

As promised, here’s my everyday make up routine.

Let’s start with the lighting. I want natural lighting so I do my make up facing the window inside my room.

While I am in the shower, Rochelle (housegirl) begins to set up my make up table.

This is how she sets it up.

My apologies for the dark & glaring picture. This was taken against the light. I don’t like to use flash when I take pictures.
I have all my phones, my Ipad on my make up table because I don’t want to be standing up when I am in the middle of doing my make up. I get stress. Ipad because I have people calling me thru Facetime. I also have facial wipes (very important) and Qtips.

I am a make up junkie therefore I have tons of it. This is where I store my make up. This is parked in my dressing area and Rochelle wheels it out near the window when I do my make up.


It takes me more than 2 hours to get ready. 1 & 1/2 hour of that is spent deciding which BB cream, which foundation, which blush to use, etc. I get overwhelmed and I get confused. Therefore I waste my time deciding what products to use.

But recently I discovered a way how to cut on my hours. At the start of each week I choose the make up I will use for that particular week. From BB creams, foundations, lipsticks, etc. and I put it in a container. So, everytime I do my makeup I grab the containers and use what’s inside it and stick to it. This way I won’t get confused. I rotate my make up every week and I’m able to use all of them. I’m such a genius.

First container is my make up. Second is for my lipsticks.


I prefer nudes and pale pinks when it comes to lipstick shades. But I also like reds, corals & orange once in a while. This week I chose pinks & nudes.

My pink lipsticks for this week

Left to Right: Revlon Colorburst lip gloss in Pink Ice Glaze Rose, ELF Lip Stain in Birthday Suit, ELF Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose, NARS Velvet Lip Pencil in Paimpol, Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Elusive, L’Oreal Paris Shine Caresse in Milady, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Sydney, Revlon Lip Butter in Cupcake, MAC Cream Sheen in Creme D’ Nude, MAC Lustre in Pretty Please, and Sephora Nano Lip Pencil in Candid Candy.

My Nudes this week

Left to Right: ELF Lip Stain in Lucky Lady, ELF Matte Lip Color in Coral, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Belle De Jour, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Deauville, Maybelline Nude Lust in 920, MAC Frost in Gel, MAC in Faux, and Sephora Nano Lip pencil in Native Nude

My make up that I will be using this week.

Top: Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 / NYX Matte Bronzer in the shade Deep/Profond / MAC Powder Blush in the shade Dame / MAC Mineralize Blush in the shade Gentle Bottom: Prestige Primed & Ready Face Primer / Prestige Flawless & Ready BB Beauty Balm in the shade Medium / Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator in the shade Pink Light Clair Rose / NARS highlighter in the shade Copacabana / NYX Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation in the shade Medium / Revlon Photoready Makeup Foundation in the shade Vanilla / Urban Decay Eyeshadow Eye Primer Potion / L’oreal True Match concealer in the shade Neutral / NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Ginger / Garnier BB Eye Roll-On Highlighter / Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara / Avalon Organics Vitamin C Soothing Lip Balm

Okay. Let’s begin.

I shampoo my hair every 2 days. Or if I can help it twice a week and I use dry shampoo in between.

So, let’s start from the time I shampoo my hair. Right after I towel dry my hair I put coconut oil at the tips of my hair and this time I put my new find the Andalou Styling Creme. And I spray TRESemme’ Heat Protector before I blow dry.


After I blow dry my hair I put it up in a bun and clip the sides.

The first thing I do I use Celeteque Hydrolyzed Moisturizing mist on my face. But instead of spraying it directly to my face, I spray it on my hands and I dab it all over my face and neck.

Celeteque Hydrolyzed Moisturizing Mist


Next is sunblock. When I buy cosmetics I make sure it has SPF. But you know how hot it is here in Manila. So, I still put sunblock to be sure.

This week I’m using this.

Alba Botanica EVEN Advanced Sunblock with moisturizer. SPF 15
I put a small amount on my finger tips and dab it all over my face.

While I am drying my face, I call Rhea our labandera (laundry woman) who I trained to iron my hair. I have wavy and frizzy hair so I need to tame my frizz and my waves by using a styling iron. While I am putting my make up Rhea irons my hair.

Next step, Face Primer. When my face has absorbed the sunblock and the hydrolyzed spray I prime my face. I use Prestige Facial Primer. This is a very good brand. Among all the face primer I’ve used this is one of the best.

Prestige Primed & Ready Facial Primer

It is very important to prime your face before putting your make up because it makes your make up last long, it won’t melt on you, and to avoid creases.

Then I apply my eye primer. This week I’m using Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion. One of the best eye primer. Like the face primer it is also very important to prime your eyes to make your eye make up last long and to avoid creases.

I dab it all over my eye lids, my eyebrows and under my eyes.


After I have primed my face and eyes the next step is foundation. For everyday make up I don’t like to put foundation. I like using BB cream. It’s light and it gives you the no make up make up look.

This week I’m using Prestige BB cream. Since I got a darker shade I mix it with a light shade of foundation. The foundation I am using this week is Revlon Photoready. Together with one drop of BB cream and one drop of foundation I put in also one drop of Revlon Face illuminating cream.

I like the dewy look cause I have dry skin. By adding the face illuminator it makes my skin look dewy and it also brightens my face.


This is the right shade I want.

I apply using my ring finger first then I buff it with a buffing brush. A buffing brush is as dense as a kabuki brush but with a flat top.


I bring it down under my chin and under my ears

After buffing my foundation/BB cream I apply concealer under my eyes, in the mid section of my nose, on my cupid’s bow (upper lip) and the middle part of my forehead. I am using NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger.


I blend it with my ring finger and follow it up with a damp (not wet just damp) blender sponge. I normally use a Beauty Blender sponge but I go thru it so fast. Aside from it is so expensive it is hardly available in Manila. I hoard mine in Sephora. I have been looking for dupes and the closest dupe that I found that is similar to Beauty Blender is the one from Forever 21. It is as soft as the Beauty Blender but with a handle. I love this! So cheap pa.

I tried the dupe from H&M but it was not even close. It was hard and absorbs the product. I ended up throwing it away.



I spend more time in blending cause I want to have a flawless finish.


Then I conceal the areas where I have dark spots. O sige na nga, age spots. I use L’oreal True Match concealer and again I blend it with my damp blending sponge.


It’s time to put my eye make up. This week I am using Urban Decay Naked Palette 1. Among all the Naked Palettes of Urban Decay this is my favorite. I also have the Naked Palette 2 and the Naked Palette 3.

The shade I am using is Buck. It is a matte light brown shade. After applying it with an eye make up brush, I follow it up with a blending brush. I always use a blending brush when I blend my eye make up. It smoothens the harsh edges.


I’m double checking if there are fall outs or if I like the shade already. If not I dab it with the blender sponge.

Then I take a small eye make up brush and apply the same shade on my eyelids in my lower lash line. Then I use a smudge brush and smudge the edges to achieve a smokey look.


Double checking again if my eye make up is perfect already

After my eye make up I apply my eyeliner in my upper lash line and I do a mild cat eye flick. I also smudge my eyeliner cause I want a smokey effect.


I am now tight lining my upper lash line. Tight lining your lash line will make your eye make up more intense. This small step makes a huge difference. I use a waterproof eyeliner so it will last longer.

There’s no glamorous way to do this. This is the only way.


Now for my favorite part! Contouring.

Even if I am in a rush I never miss this step. I am using NYX Matte Bronzer. It is very hard to find a matte bronzer. Most bronzers has shimmers on it. There are a lot of palettes just for contouring alone but if you have a good bronzer you can use this to contour.


I contour the hallows of my cheeks, the sides of my nose, the top of my forehead, and my temple. Again I use my blending sponge to blend the harsh edges.


At this point, Rhea is done ironing the back part of my hair. It’s my turn to iron the front part.


When I am done I tie my hair into a bun before I continue my make up. This way when I finish my make up my hair will have nice waves. I don’t like the flat straight look. I want the tussled, bed head look.

First, I gather all my hair, twist it and tie it into a bun.


Now to continue… I am applying my blush now. I am using MAC Powder Blush in the shade Dame. I apply it right above the area where I contoured my cheeks.


After applying my blush, it’s time to highlight. The highlighter I am using this week is NARS in the shade Copacabana. I highlight the area just above my blush, the mid section of my nose, my cupid’s bow and my chin.


I use my ring finger to blend my highlighter.


I’m sure by now you are so annoyed looking at my eyebrows and you’re probably thinking “when the hell is she doing her eyebrows?”

So, okay time to fill my eyebrows. I use a spully to comb my eyebrows or whatever is left of my eyebrows. I comb it to tame my eyebrow hair. Then I outline it using my Anastasia Brow Wiz in the shade Ebony. Then I fill it up.


After filling up my eyebrows I apply eyebrow gel. Eyebrow gel is like hair spray for your eye brows. It will make your eyebrow stay in place and won’t melt during the day. I am using ELF eye brow gel. ELF is one of my favorite drugstore brand.


When I am finish with my barely there eyebrow situation, I apply concealer again under my eyes. This time not to conceal but to brighten up my eyes. I am using Garnier BB eye roll on. I blend it using my ring finger and again follow it up with my blending sponge.


Mascara time!

Before applying mascara I curl my eyelashes. I have been using Shue uemura eye lash curler since mid 90’s. Until recently when my good friend Roxanne discovered this Japanese brand KOJI. According to her it is better than Shue uemura. At first I didn’t believe her. When Claudia went to Hongkong last April I told her to buy for me. And when I tried it, wow, finally there is an eyelash curler better than Shue uemura!

After curling my eyelashes I apply a few coats of mascara. I am currently using Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express.Collage

I use falsies. Or false eye lashes. My good friend Bombom Almeda was the one who convinced me. Eveytime I see her I noticed that she has beautiful eyelashes. I didn’t know she uses falsies until she told me. Her eye lashes looks so natural.

It is not really difficult to apply falsies. It is just a matter of getting used to it. It just needs practice. So if you do it everyday you will be good at it in just a week.

Landmark has the best falsies. And they’re cheap. Everyone I know who uses falsies buy in Landmark.

The glue I am using is Duo.

There’s a lot of ways in applying falsies. This is how I do it. I put the glue at the back of my palm. Then I dip the falsies in the glue. And I make sure that the glue is evenly spread on the falsies. I wait for about 10 to 15 seconds to dry it a little bit until it is gooey. This way it will stick faster. Then I apply my falsies using a tweezer.


I always use lip pencil when I apply lipstick. I don’t know why but without lip liner I feel my lipstick is not complete. I am using Sephora Nano in the shade Candid Candy.

After applying a lip liner I spread it all over my lips using my finger.


Then I apply my lipstick. I am using Revlon Colorburst in the shade Showy. I dab it with my ring finger to even it out and to make it look natural.


I spray my face with spray mist to settle my make up. I am using Olive Refreshing Mist. Aside from feeling fresh the whole day it also takes care of my skin cause it has extra virgin olive oil



Time to do my hair!

First I take the bun out and loosen my hair. Then I spray it with TRESemme’ Keratin Smooth Illuminating Hair spray. Actually I just bought this spray a few days ago and I love it. It smells sooooo good. It takes care of my frizz and at the same time it gives it shine.


I follow it up with Andalou Sunflower & Citrus hair spray in Medium hold. After spraying I crunch my hair to achieve a tussled or bed head look. This product is also a new find. I bought this the same time when I bought my TRESemme’ hair spray and I also love this!


After spraying I crunch it some more until I get the perfect look that I want.


Here’s the finish look.




  • Wow!!! Thank you very much!! Big effort on your part!
    Most of all – Thank you for sharing it with us.
    I believe you are beautiful inside and out! 😊
    Yes! you are such a Genius ( I mean it! )
    Take care Ms. Tina.

    P.S. I have been sharing your posts sa FB ko, esply. your Beauty finds, What’s in my bag, anecdote etc.
    Thanks again!

  • Hi Tina. I’ve also been using Shu Uemura eyelash curler for the longest time. I’m curious now how Koji compares to Shu. 😉 Where in HK is the Koji eyelash curler available. Thanks.

    • Claudia bought it in Zaza or Sasa. I’m not sure of the spelling! LOL! I’m sure you know this store. There’s one in every corner in HK. They sell Japanese products too. Try to check their Japanese products it’s good.

      • Oh great! Thanks Tina. Sasa is easy to find. Does Koji have only one kind of eyelash curler? Which one did you get.

      • they have 2 sizes. Long and short. Claudia got me both. Pareho lang naman.
        The short one siguro are for Japanese women who has short fingers! hahahahaha

  • very beautiful ms. tina! while reading it i was nodding in approval or telling myself oo nga no! i have never thought of using more than one concealer

  • Ms. Tina, ang kahayag ug ka maayo sa imong kasingkasing makita sa imong mga mata. nadugangan pa gyud imong ka gwapa pag make up nimo.

  • Mother, have you considered eyelash extensions? I had mine done at a mall here in the south and I love how it gave my face an extra oomph that had people guessing! It looks natural because the salon uses silk lashes instead of synthetic. I’m happy because I’m tamad to make my face before work, now BB cream and lipstick na lang keri na. 😀

    Also, my skin is dry too and I noticed it got better since I started on omega-3 supplements. Maybe you should give it a try too!

    • Hi, Twinkle!
      I have tried everything! I did extensions & weave a few years ago.
      I took Omega 3 before but I stopped because it gave me acid attacks!

  • Thanks for sharing tina! I learned alot from you! You are very pretty as always😊

  • Hello Tita Tina, great post! May I know what heating iron you use for your hair?

  • wow!! this post is totally educational, if i should say so..i read everything, including the footnotes and picture captions!! thank you!! 🙂

  • Hi I have done this post on my blog but not as long I would really appreciate it if you could check it out

  • Hi Tina: I noticed you mentioned that you go thru beauty blenders a lot. Nordstrom sells a beauty blender cleaner to go with the blender sponge & it prolongs the life of the sponge & really gets the makeup out of if without destroying the sponge which is what happens when you use regular soap and water to clean your sponge. With the price of the original blender being almost $20, you want to extend it’s lifespan.

    • I already got the beauty blender cleanser in Sephora together with the mini blenders! Have you seen those? So cute!
      I alternate my beauty blenders with the real technics sponge. I like those too.
      Beauty Blender is quite pricey! But it’s really good.

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