What’s In My Bag

As promised here is my What’s In My Bag entry. I had a few requests to do this post. Finally I found time and guts to do this.

Here you go….

Givenchy Nightingale Biker Shopping Tote. I chose this bag because this is my current favorite. It’s huge (to say the least), very roomy and easy to carry. I got this 2 months ago. I bought it online. And I have used this several times already.
Let me explain. And don’t judge me (LOL). The broken blue mirror: I had this for a long time (since Claudia was a baby) and has served me well. Last year I accidentally sat on my bag and the handle broke. Naturally, I had to get a new mirror and this time I got a much bigger one. Goody. I bought it in Rustan’s Grocery. I am still bringing the broken one because I can’t part with it. I really can’t. So he still goes with me everywhere. And yes, I have sentimental value issues.
Le Sportsac. My toiletry bag. Left to right: 1. La Mer The Mist. I have been using this for a couple of years now. A good tip: if you spray this (or any kind of facial spray) it will set your make up and your make up will last longer. I bought this in Lane Crawford Hongkong 2. Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer in Coconut Beach scent. I bought this in Ala Moana Mall during my last trip to Hawaii. I love the scent 3. Alcohol. 4. Tears Naturelle (artificial tears) I need this because I wear contact lens everytime I go out. I love the name: “artificial tears” (LOL) 5. Another small mirror. I bought this in Forever 21 6. Lip Balm: Alba Organic. Un-petroleum plant powered lip care. Flavor is Tangerine. I bought this in Healthy Options 7. Pearlie White breath spray. Flavor: Spearmint. I forgot where I bought this 8. YSL Volupte Lipstick. Shade: Sheer Candy. I bought this in a make up store (I forgot the name) in Vienna 9. Eyeliner Sephora brand. I got this in Sephora 10. Last but not the least: Purell sanitizing hand wipes
My magic fan! I never ever go out without this. This was given to me by my good friend Myka Regner. Actually this is the second fan she gave me. 2 years ago she gave me a bigger one in black color. I love that one too. She is resting now cos I have been using that one for 2 years. This is the one I’m currently using. Love it!


Collage 3
Gucci. My wallet. I have been using this for over a year now. I bought it online. Inside are my cards and some cash. I really don’t carry that much cash. My cards: (from top to bottom) BPI Gold card, under it is my Rustan’s grocery points card The Rustan’s supermarket The Star Sapphires, ATM card, BDO Platinum card, Tagaytay Highlands membership card, Manila Polo Club membership card. Behind my cards inside the pocket are: a few calling cards, Healthy Options points card, Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles card, Sephora VIB card & CVS pharmacy discount card
This is a small bag that where I put my valuables. This came from my Bottega Veneta Cabat bag. Inside this small bag are: 1. On (top beside the bag): another mirror that comes with the bag. 2. a note pad 3. my dollar bankbook 3. my checkbook with a Louis Vuitton Case 3. my pen holder I forgot where I got this. I’ve been using this for a long time already. Inside are: Cartier ballpen given to me by TB and another ballpen that I love, a giveaway from Culver Military School, Indiana USA where TB studied high school (every now and then they send the alumni’s giveaways) 4. cheap ballpens that are my favorite: 1. Ala Moana Hotel ballpen 2. Bic ballpen
Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 14
My reading glasses. I have 2 kinds of reading glasses. One is reading glasses with contact lens on and the other one is reading glasses without contacts. This is generic. I bought this in S&R. This is always in my bag because the only time I wear it is when I’m out. I only wear my contact lens when I go out. When I am home I just wear my glasses.
Iphone 5S. My Phone. I never leave the house without my phone. That goes without saying. This is very important for taking selfies. (LOLOLOL). I have a lot of phone cases but this is the one I’m currently using. I got this in Forever 21.

So, there you are.


I am not posting this to brag. I am posting this because I got a lot of requests to do this entry. I have been getting requests since last year. Most of the items here was bought with my own money and a few are gifts. This is not a sponsored entry.

Watch out for my next post “How I do my everyday makeup”. Another requested entry.


  • Hi!! I loved this post 🙂 Could you also do a blog post using questions from the Closet Confidential tag on YouTube or like a post about your top 10 or 15 items in your closet? 🙂

  • I absolutely love your new topic “What’s In My Bag” aside from your OOTD. Thank you for making it come true. Gbu ♥

  • Love this Tina! Especially the iPhone case rawr!

    Ang daming disclaimer lol


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