outfit of the day – Tuloy Ang Laban (late Post)

outfit of the day: Top: Allegra Unione (local brand in Milan, Italy) / Skirt: Zara / Shoes: Vero Cuoio (local brand in Milan, Italy) / Bag: mini Givenchy Nightingale / Shades: Prada / Watch: Michael Kors / Necklace: Tiffany / Ring: Willow Jewelry / Earrings: Dior Mise En Dior Pearl earring
IMG_4087 It was soooo windy in the lanai when we were taking pictures.


There’s a story about this top I’m wearing. I bought this in the subway station in Milan, Italy.  While waiting for the train to arrive I saw this small shop with interesting clothes in their mannequins. Meaning my type and doesn’t look cheap like the normal shops that you see in train stations.

So, while the train was not yet there and instead of standing and do nothing I went inside that shop. Normally the train comes in less than 5 minutes. So, I just quickly browsed. In less than 10 minutes the train arrived. I went out of the shop with 2 big shopping bags with me.

I tell you that shop was amazing! I loved it. I even managed to buy Claudia a bag.

This top I’m wearing now is one of the items I bought in that shop.

P.S. this is a late post. This was my outfit yesterday when I attended CVS’s 3rd hearing. When I got home I was so tired and emotionally drained. I got emotionally drained because it brought me back to the time when I was bullied and attacked on Facebook from 2010 to 2013.

On the way home I was thinking “how did I survive that”? How did I survive all those evil, malicious and rude attacks thrown at me, my children, my Dad, my close friends on a daily basis for 3 years?

Up to now I have no idea how I survived it. One thing I know for sure I received more blessings, it made me stronger, I met some wonderful people and I realized who my true friends are. Those were the ones who stood by me.

God is alive.

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