My article in our monthly village magazine, Dasmariñas Village Gazette, our Father’s day issue.

When my editor emailed me and told me that our June issue is a Father’s day issue, it took me awhile to sit down and think of what to write. I know it has to be about Fathers.

It is very difficult for me to write something about Fathers. All the Father figures in my life failed me. Not that I don’t love them, I do. And I appreciate their presence in my life. The thing is life is not all about love and definitely it’s not all about money.

I love my Dad. That’s unconditional love. All kids love their parents.

I am still thankful to them even if they failed me. Somehow I learned so much from it.

I learned that all the comforts in life and the material things can’t replace a Mothers love.

I learned that a child growing up without a Mother can’t undertsand the bond of a Mother & her child.

I learned that your Mothers pain is also your pain. I grew up seeing and living my Mothers pain.

I learned that my sarifice is worth it. Every ounce of the pain is worth it.

All those failures of the Father figures of my life made me who I am today.

Father number 1: I appreciate that you did everything to raised all 8 of your children. I appreciate that with all your mistakes as a Father never for a minute did I ever feel unloved by you. Those rough times I went through as I was growing up encouraged me to stand on my own at a very early age. And I will love you up to my last breath.

Father number 2: I appreciate all the material things. I appreciate all the comforts in life. I appreciate your presence in my life and my children’s life. I appreciate everything that you have done for us. 

Father number 3: Thank you for making me a Mother to 3 wonderful children. 

Without these Fathers in my life me and my children wouldn’t be where we are now. And for that I am thankful.

Happy Fathers day! 




  • Hi..Fan from Cebu. Been speed reading your blog as fast as I can since last night. Luv it!! You’re one uber cool, hilarious but compassionate lady..Have a good week ahead, Ms. Tina..

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