My Week end Outfit

outfit of the day: Top: Rag & Bone Thrasher Tank / Shorts: Forever21 / Sandals: Forever 21 / Bag: Givenchy Nightingale Biker Shopper Tote Bag / Shades: Sunnies by Charlie / Necklaces: Willow Jewelry, Tiffany / Watch: Bvlgari

IMG_3915 IMG_3919 IMG_3922 IMG_3923 IMG_3924 IMG_3925 IMG_3926 IMG_3927

I had lunch with my good friend Barbara Sycip who’s in town now. We had lunch in Manila Polo Club’s The Last Chukker.

I’m wearing my favorite Forever 21 shorts that I bought last month. I love the material. So light and breezy and it’s in summer colors. Good for just lounging around.

My sandals is also from Forever 21. If you browse in Forever 21 you will be shock to find really nice items. And dirt cheap!

Last week they had really nice sandals. I bought 4 pairs including this one I’m wearing now.

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