YAY for the Weekend!

Here’s something for the week end.

My good friend Barbra Sycip is in town (she’s from SFO). She’s usually here during summer break and christmas break of her kids. She texted me this morning and wanted to have lunch today. I told her let’s call Pete (Pete Ong, my dentist, my bbf, etc…) cos baka mag tampo.

Pete has been looking for me for 3 weeks already cos I needed to go back to his clinic to finish my root canal that he started a few months ago. I guess you know the procedure of a root canal. You have to go back and forth for a couple of weeks until it’s done. I haven’t gone back and I needed to go back ASAP. Otherwise we will start from the beginning of the long procedure again. He called me a couple of times and I didn’t pick up his calls cause I know he will just scream at me to go back. His secretary also has been texting me and calling me but I’m just soooo tamad to go back.

I called him to tell him that Barbra’s in town and wants to have lunch.

So, here’s our phone conversation.

me: kapatid!

pete: aba buhay sya! buhay pa pala ang diosa. Akala ko virtual friend na lang kita!

me: Buhay na buhay kapatid sa awa ng dios

pete: kelan mo ba talaga ibalik sa aking yang ngipin mo? Maghintay ka na naman kung sumakit yan!

me: (trying to turn the table) ikaw kaya palagi wala! Kung saan saan ka pumu punta. Convention, seminar, Hongkong at iba pa.

pete: ayannnn… ako ang may salarin. Kung gusto mo gawin na lang natin yang ngipin mo sa Facebook! Virtual na lang. Isama natin sa outfit of the day mo!

me: Sige kukuha ako ng selfie nga naka nga nga tapos ayan pwede mo na tapusin root canal ko!

I always have a good laugh everytime me & Pete talk. He’s one person who can make me laugh.

Then…. we talked about lunch with Barbs.

I know, I know.

I know I have to go back. Hopefully next week. Pramis.

I’m so excited Barbra’s in town again! Yay!


Have a fabulous one!


  • Enjoy having Barb for the summer. Don’t keep her too long cuz I have her doggies with me. Your conversation with Pete, your dentist friend, and the virtual root canal on FB had me rolling on the floor. Hope to meet you someday.

    • Hi, Mitzi! You should talk to Pete in person he’s so funny! I always have fun when Barbs is here. Kaya lang magastos! Shopping galore! But I love it! As for the meantime enjoy the fur babies of Barbs! She should be back before you know it. Hope to meet you someday too. It’s as tho we’ve met already cos she mentions you and Mina all the time!

  • Thanks for always giving
    me a good laugh! I always check your site everyday to see your OOTD, to have a have a good laugh and to learn or discover something new :). You are obe Hot Momma!

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