outfit of the day – Fuschia & White

outfit of the day: Top: Urban Outfitters / Boyfriend Jeans: River Island / Shoes: Steve Madden / Bag: Hermes Birkin / Shades: Super Sunglasses

IMG_3858 IMG_3859 IMG_3861 IMG_3865 IMG_3866 IMG_3867 IMG_3868 IMG_3871

Mother duties.

I went to my favorite optical shop Almeda Optical ( Glorietta branch) to put lens on Claudia’s new eyeglasses. She’s been telling me to do this since last week but I keep on putting it off.

So, finally today I dropped her eyeglasses and then I went to Ace hardware to buy a small ladder for my room. I also bought clothes rack and shoe rack. It’s very difficult to find a sturdy clothes rack here in Manila. The ones that you get in Ace hardware konked out on me all the time. Luckily I found some sturdy ones today in Ace Hardware. Let’s see how long this will last.

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