Spring Cleaning

I started to do some spring cleaning. I finished my “delicates” drawers yesterday. Today I am doing my closet.

I segregated my clothes in 3 large boxes. To keep, to give out, and to throw away. Like what Oprah said “if you haven’t use it in the last 6 months then clear it away.” There are some clothes that I haven’t use in years but I am still keeping it. It is so difficult to part with your personal things! I am sentimental that way.

I will do my jewelries, cosmetics, bags and shoes in the next coming days.

I badly needed to do this. I need space!

While it is very difficult to part with your favorite things it is also very liberating. And somehow it clears my mind.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 10Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 10

Spring has sprung, the beautiful flowers are blooming and it’s time also for me to bloom!


One comment

  • Hi Ms Tina,
    May I ask if you wear a Hermes Clic Clac PM or GM bracelet? When I tried on the PM, it seemed right. Now that Im at home, it still feels loose. Could the SA have given me the wrong size? Or PM is really still loose for tiny wrist which measures 5 3/4 in. Thank you.

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