I finally did it!

My kids have been telling me to work out. They tell me every chance they get. And my excuse would always be “I don’t have rubber shoes!”

I am not really a work out kind of person. I’m just not into it.

But way back late 90’s up to mid 2000 I used to bike around our village and brisk walk in the Polo field in Manila Polo Club thrice a week. Only because my Doctor, Dr. Paolo Lorenzo, told me I need to exercise. He told me I am already at the age where I need to move around. I was complaining to him of my aches and pains. I told him I hate working out. He suggested to do something that I enjoy doing, something I like.

So that’s why I chose to bike. I love biking. Biking was one sport that I love when I was still in grade school.

Then I started brisk walking mid 2000. I did it for at least 2 years then I stopped. I stopped biking and I stopped walking.

Vito did something. He bought me running shoes and I had no way out.

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 5

It took me a week to finally work out. Only because I finished one tray of Almond Roca last night. Almond Roca is one of my favorite chocolates. But I rarely buy cause the middle part is so hard! I mean when you bite it it’s as hard as a rock. But I discovered a way how to eat it. I did not put it inside the fridge. So, the middle part (the hard part) was not hard anymore. And the rest is history. I finished one whole tray all to myself.

That’s when I decided I better freaking start to work out.

I went on the treadmill this morning. I did brisk walking for 30 mins.

IMG_3608  IMG_3614 IMG_3616 IMG_3621IMG_3612Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 5

I did it!

*I splattered my face with sunblock that’s why my face is white*


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