Wasted Week end…

I got sick over the week end. I was literally in bed for 2 days! I didn’t know what happened to me. I just woke up saturday morning and feeling feverish, a throbbing headache, I had acid reflux, over fatigued and not in the mood to do anything at all. I didn’t even eat the whole day except 2 pieces of skyflakes (I had to force myself). The only thing I can think of was maybe hormonal imbalance aka menopausal.

Saturday afternoon I decided to call home service of mani/pedi and foot spa I thought it might make me feel better. But it didn’t. I thought maybe I’d feel better the following day.

Sunday was still the same. I barely got out of bed. The only time I got up was when our newly upholstered couch arrived. It kinda picked me up a little cos the couch looked really nice. But I still felt sick.

Today was different! Suddenly everything was gone. I felt normal again. In fact I worked so early and finished all my paper work even before 10am. I sent the driver to do my banking and sent the fur babies to the Vet for grooming and check up and by 11am I was already cooking lunch for Claudia. She wanted Moroccan Chicken.  Vinny wanted some also so I sent him lunch in the office. Which Vinny loved, by the way. And now Nana wants the recipe.

After lunch I rewarded myself. I went shopping. Since our couch is already here I need to finish the decorating in our living room upstairs. I’m almost done with it and I’ll post some pictures when it’s finally finish. Give me 1 more month.

I was right after all. It was menopausal symptoms.


Have a great week ahead everyone!


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