well, at least I’m beautiful…

I got stuck at home the whole week end.

Itong magaling na Joshua decided to go home to his province to attend his sister’s wedding last sunday. Our rule is they’re not allowed to go home not unless it’s emergency. We allow them to go day off every sunday (every other sunday actually since he take turns with the other driver) and we give them a week vacation twice a year.

I allowed him cause he promised me he’d be back by Monday afternoon. He will just miss work for one day so okay lang. It’s just a day.

This morning he just left his province and should get here late afternoon. Another day wasted.

I have so many errands to do and a lot of pending orders. FYI, our other driver is for Claudia alone.

I decided to just change and get ready just in case he will arrive earlier than expected and I can still save the day and at least do something when he gets here.

While I was getting ready in my dressing room Claudia entered to say goodbye cause she was leaving for school.

Claudia: where are you going? (she knows I don’t have a driver)

Me: Hay, naku ang dami kung gagawin today! I’m just going to fix myself at least when Joshua arrives early I can still go run errands.

Claudia: what if he comes late?

Me: well, at least I’m beautiful today.

I have been living in my jammies for 3 days (saturday, sunday & monday) and everytime I look at myself in the mirror I cringe.


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