What’s it Like To Be a Mother

My mother instinct was tapped this morning by a status of a friend of mine on Facebook.

She was confused and didn’t know what to do. She asked her son what he wants for his birthday and her son in return wrote her a long and loving letter asking her permission if he can join the football team in his school. He promised that he will try his best not to get injured since that was her main concern, being a doctor that’s what she deals with everyday. And that would be the last thing she didn’t want to happen to him.

Advices poured in and I had to give my 2 cents.

One of the hardest thing I went thru as a mother was when my daughter was bullied in school for a year and at some point it became physical. Everyday she would begged me to move her to a different school. I said NO. What I did was report it to the school authority and let them handle it since it happened inside the school premises and I told her to fight back. I told her stand up and fight.

I taught her how to fight her own battle. We can only protect our children at a certain point. We can’t be there for them 24 hours a day. They must learn how to stand up on their own and learn how to survive in this world.

She stood up and fought back. The bullying stopped and later on she became best friends with the one who bullied her.

Now I am more confident with her cause I know she is strong enough to defend herself.

The athlete in our family is my second boy, Vito. Lahat na sports pinasukan. Sige, go ka lang. Try everything. And choose which one you will like and be good at it. He became a varsity player in his school basketball team and competed abroad. And he is also a good golfer.

And one of the number in my frequently called list is his Orthopedic. Once you are an athlete one way or the other you will be injured. That is something you cannot avoid. That’s part of the territory, so to speak.

My kids are only young once. I want them to enjoy their childhood because by that time they become an adult, ibang usapan na yan. Mahirap ang buhay. You will be face with a lot of trials and tribulation and your strength will be tested all the time.

I want them to be ready for that.

But there is one thing that for sure I will never be able to handle and one thing I will never be able to prepare them. When someone will break their heart. It is something that we all go thru in life. At some point whether I like it or not someone will break their heart.

And it is my heart that will be crushed the most.



  • Aw, i am moved by your account, Ms. Tina. Your children are blessed to have you as their mom.

  • I remember when I was in college, I always poured out my heart with my mom every time I got brokenhearted. She never laughed at me, even once. She did not judged my stupidity and she just listened and let me cry. She gave me advises and soothing words. But deep inside, her heart was being broken into pieces din daw. But then, she wanted me to learn from the experiences. Mothers are the best talaga šŸ™‚

    • You will know how it feels like when you’ll become a mother yourself. But your mom is right, learn from your experience. šŸ™‚

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