Sige na nga patulan na nating ‘tong issue na ‘to.

Vhong Navarro: You want to take a girl to bed? There’s going to be responsibilty, consequence, morality issue involve.

Responsibility – you mess around? ayan na bugbug ka tuloy

Consequence – taking a girl to bed who is not your girlfriend and allows you to bring a bottle of wine to her condo chances are she wants to mess around with you, too. Because 1. she’s trying to get back at whoever is breaking her heart at the moment 2. she is involve with someone married. Be ready for anything. There is such a thing called consequence and accountability.

Moral – what about your present girlfriend Vhong? Ilan ba talaga ang gusto mo?

Deniece (she actually spells her name this way?) – what the F were you thinking getting involve with this powerful rich Chinese guy and at the same time play around with someone like Vhong Navarro?

Cedric – ganyan talaga ang buhay. Good luck. Balita ko non bailable daw ang physical injuries.

Hay buhay.

And btw, paki usap Vhong, next time you get yourself involve in this kind of scandal, don’t use your kids. Please lang. Bumenta na yan. Maraming beses na.


  • You are right. Vhong, Deniece(parents may have good looks but poor spelling skills) and Cedric, stop all the drama and press releases na. As in now na.

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