TGIF ing:

1. Vinny bought a turntable yesterday and 2 old records. I told him why he bought those old records. His father has a record collection stashed away in our storage. He got so excited and told our houseboy and driver to look for it. And they found it.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 2

So, the whole morning these records have been playing non stop. And I became nostalgic. These are my songs back in the days and now it’s considered vintage? I got sad. Generation Y, welcome.

2. Frantic looking where to buy Rocko sweaters. This guy is really feeling cold. And I am not being oa. Poor Rocko. He is not use to the cold weather talaga. I found him under the bed this morning.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 2

My good friend Beth offered to buy him a few sweaters in the states where she lives and it will arrive first week of Febuary. And another friend from the states Susan Lim offered to buy him some, too. Thank God for good samaritans. Rocko will soon be warm. For now he is hiding under Vinny’s comforter.

I haven’t really check the pet stores here in Manila if they have sweaters.

3. Vinny told me a short story. He was offered to write in some magazines here in Manila and when he asked how much he will make he was told that he will be paid per word. His friend who offered him told him: “if you really want to make money let your Mom write a column in a newspaper and just ghost edit it.”

I dunno if I’ll be happy or sad.

1. I still have a chance to get rich!

2. My grammar is that bad?

My friend Beth said that’s what you call good news and bad news. LOL!

And as weird as it may sound, only because we are not use to saying this: KEEP WARM.

Have a great week end everyone!


One comment

  • Vinyl still rocks!

    Next level after blogger: columnist! Why not?

    Sana they directly made the offer to you, if that’s what they really wanted.

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